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Kameron Westcott Releases Text Messages From D’Andra Simmons Following RHOD Season 3 Reunion Drama — D’Andra Responds!

Kameron Westcott took to Twitter to leak the text messages exchanges between her and D'Andra Simmons following the episode of Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 reunion special.

If you recall, Westcott claimed that Simmons trashed talked about her co-stars products and events, in particular Brandi Redmond and Cary Deuber. During the reunion special, D'Andra denied Kameron's accusations and shared her phone to reunion host, Andy Cohen.

Meanwhile, Kameron wanted to contact AT&T to obtain a copy of her previous text messages, which the production ended up sharing a screenshot during the heated exchange.

In the text, according to what Kameron shared - D'Andra was allegedly upset some of the ladies couldn't attend the event and was venting while shading Deuber's new beauty brand.

D'Andra's alleged text to Kameron reads as follow: "They have know about this date for so long, I've had to put up with Brandiland and Lemmon Avenue laser bullshit center and everything else. I mean come on, Cary and I complete because we sell skincare products?? And, she and her team have messed up so many peoples faces that I know but I can't speak about. I have to be nice and play along because it's the right thing to do. I'm sure Bravo owns a portion of their business."

Kameron continued: "Those who want it bigger&who need the date! Friday, April 13th which was a few days b4 her skin care party&I couldn't go bc MIL was receiving Hope Award w/Orphan Outreach. Again my chat@ the lakehouse which was out of luv must not have beenany issue if we r still textin?#speakingtruth"

Kameron defended herself from viewers who accused her of starting dram and for lying. "Trust me I have children. I don't have time for this crap. But when I need to defend myself I will any day!!" 

Westcott also called out Simmons for calling her "Tweedle Dumb" during the reunion show. "@Dandrasimmons I would like a public apology for calling me "Tweedle Dumb!" No need to go that low and call someone Dumb?? You just got caugh. So just turn yourself in!!"

Then Cary called out D'Andra. Cary tweeted: She should just admit it so no one is forced to prove it's her. Kam is classy enough to stop the clip before she clicked on her real contact," she tweeted, adding: "#saveyourself #rhod #rhodreunion"

Which Kameron responded: "Oh and the stuff I have here is PG!! I'm actually being extremely nice!!"

"I'm protecting both @carydeuber and @BrandiRedmond here to be a good friend. She clearly is not anyone's friend," Kameron tweeted about D'Andra.

When someone asked Kameron why doesn't she call out LeeAnne Locken for lying, she responded: "Lying is not okay period!! LeeAnne also never attacked me personally. I defend when I'm personally attacked"

As for D'Andra, she continued to deny that she sent these text messages to Kameron.

"Since I'm blocked, Kameron knows this isn't true. If these messages were in your phone, why couldn't you show it at the reunion? You can believe whatever you want, but these few texts she "showed" was spoofed. #RHOD," she tweeted.

She added: "I'm a business woman, I get over 300 texts a day. Do you honestly think I have the time to go in and delete a message I sent to Kameron.I know better than to delete any texts I have between my cast mates, you always have to have your receipts in tact. #RHOD"

Who's side are you in? Are you #TeamKameron or #TeamDAndra? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo