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EXCLUSIVE: RHOCheshire Alum Magali Gorré Shuts Down Marriage Trouble Rumors!

Magali Gorré is denying rumors that she and her footballer husband Dean Gorré are having troubles in their marriage. “I renewed my vows with Dean on the show because at that time we celebrated 25 years together!,” the former Real Housewives of Cheshire star told EXCLUSIVELY.

“And this year, in 2018 we celebrated 25 years of marriage in a yacht in Dubai with family. Right now he is making history with this job in football and living as the manager/ head coach. Is not easy because I’m based in England [while Dean is in South America.]”

She continued: “Aidan has exams soon and Quinten is busy with his music career, check him out @officialQG1. Kenji is playing football in the biggest league of Portugal.”

“They are all living their dreams and mama is flying up and down. So, no Real Housewives curse for me,” she explained. “Our marriage is strong and he is my BFF for more the 25 years, I wear my crown and my wedding ring all day long.”

“It’s not always easy, but we will shine together soon,” she told us.

She added: “And the time we are together we will appreciate it more. Yes, we learned that and family and love will conquer all.”

Photo Credit: OK! Magazine UK!

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