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Emily Simpson Admits She “Probably Over Prepared” For RHOC Season 13 Reunion “Like It Was A Trial”

Emily Simpson, who is a lawyer admits she didn’t take preparing for the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 reunion lightly. “I probably over prepared for my first reunion because I took it like it was a trial,” she told told Page Six.

“I was kind of ridiculous but I basically went through every blog that anyone had ever written and printed it out and I took notes and I highlighted any article that I had written where I had mentioned that people had made comments about me or about my husband or whatever,” she explained.

“I printed that out and then I organized it by person so I had tabs. So I just I knew if I had to bring up something or I had to refer to something it was pretty well established in my brain because I had just read it — I actually didn’t take the binder I made to the couch with me.”

Simpson noted that her binder took the entire season to complete, and she even practiced some of her talking points with her husband Shane.

“That’s what happens when you have two attorneys who live together!” she joked.

However, it seems like her hard work paid off. “I felt as if I said everything that I needed to say. I didn’t leave the reunion feeling any amount of regret like I didn’t say something that I should have,” she told the publication.

Despite the drama, there’s one incident she’s “tired” of talking about.

“I mean I tried really hard to get along with everyone and tried to be friends with everyone so that whole threatening to kill Kelly [Dodd] thing is so out of proportion,” she told Page Six.

Photo Credit: Bravo