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David Beador’s Girlfriend Lesley Cook Slams Shannon Beador For Bashing Him On RHOC Season 13 Reunion!

David Beador's girlfriend Lesley Cook is coming to his defense after Shannon Beador talked about her issues with her estranged husband during Sunday night's Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 reunion.

“Hate to go here but I am…… My kids & I have been shown nothing but love by David for almost a year. The man is so crazy kind and loving. He works his a*s off and does everything he can to provide and take care of everyone in his family.. he doesn’t deserve to be bashed on national television over and over again,” Lesley wrote in a now deleted Instagram post.

She continued: “Children are involved and I couldn’t imagine bashing my children’s father ever. My ex and I have our differences but after all, he is and always will be their father. Time to put egos to the side and move forward for everyone. children need a mom & dad.”

She added: “They shouldn’t have to pick sides or be put in the middle of adult conflict.”

If you recall, Shannon revealed during Part 3 of RHOC reunion that David used to call her "alcoholic" and "crazy."

Photo Credit: Google Images