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Danielle Staub Claims Estranged Husband Marty Caffrey Verbally And Physically Abused Her And Her Daughters Amid Divorce — Marty Responds!

Danielle Staub has responded to her estranged husband Marty Caffrey’s divorce filing, alleging verbal and physical abuse as her reasons for seeking a separation, according to court records obtained by PEOPLE.

In her counterclaim filed on Friday, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 56, claims Caffrey, whom she wed in May, has been “guilty of extreme cruelty” including “repeatedly exercised physical control and intimidation by holding [her] down and violently screaming derogatory comments in her face,” and incidents during which he used vulgar language and “habitually screamed at [her] in public, utilizing disparaging and harassing name, calling [her] a ‘whore.’ “

In addition to alleged verbal and physical abuse directed at her, Staub claims her husband of seven months verbally attacked her two daughters: Jillian (20) and Christine (24).

“[Caffrey] referred to [her] relationship with her daughters as ‘a lesbian affair,’ purposefully to hurt [her] by referencing incest and embarrass her about her childhood abuse,” Staub’s counterclaim alleges. “[Caffrey] utilized disparaging, offensive, and threatening language toward [her] children, specifically telling them to ‘leave [his] house’ and ‘get the f— out and don’t come back.’ “

In addition, the mother of two alleges, Caffrey “repeatedly referred to [her] daughter as a ‘c—‘ and ‘entitled bitch’ solely for the purpose of harming and harassing [her].”

Staub, who is also seeking spousal support, recalled a 10-day vacation to Anguilla during which Caffrey “repeatedly disparaged and harassed” her and her children, whom he called “entitled c—s.”

“[Caffrey] would become incredibly intoxicated on a daily basis. On one occasion in Anguilla, [he] became physically violent, pushing Defendant down, holding her arms down, purposefully physically restraining [her] to the point where she became bruised,” the document alleges. “On one occasion in Anguilla, [he] became physically violent, pushing [her] down, holding her arms down, purposefully physically restraining [her] to the point where she became bruised.”

Other “acts of extreme cruelty” include allegations Caffrey “repeatedly video and audio recorded [her] without her knowledge during sex” and “exercised control by threatening to expose it to the public unless [she] did exactly what [he] asked of her.” In another claim, Staub recalls attempting to host a party but Caffrey “would threaten to throw everyone out unless [she] would perform oral sex and then compliment him and massage his ego in front of everyone.”

Staub further claims that Caffrey believed her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis was not true and had repeatedly threatened to cancel her health insurance. “[He] refused to assist [her] with her medical treatment, causing [her] to attend doctors’ appointments and obtain painful injections without any support. Upon [her] arriving home after the appointments, [Caffrey] often demanded that [she] engage in sexual intercourse.”

Staub also alleges Caffrey “purposefully endangered” her by “exposing her to Clostridium Difficile,” which is an infection that causes inflammation of the colon.

Meanwhile, Caffrey denies his estranged wife’s allegations. “This is a complete list of lies. Only a demented mind could come up with such false accusations. Danielle will go to any level to create problems and to be the victim. None of this is accurate or even close to the truth. This is simply Danielle Staub trying to take people out like she has in her past, but it’s not going to work this time,” he told PEOPLE.

He also opens up about his relationship with his children. “Danielle has made it very difficult for me to have a relationship with my three children. She would never invite them over to my house when they (her and her daughter) threw parties or even for just dinner or to hang out,” Caffrey told the publication. “I have a very good relationship with them. All three are wonderful, down to earth and successful. They are liked and respected by everybody they meet.”

“Her saying I ‘chose not to speak with them’ or she ‘enforced and supported’ my relationship with them are yet more manufactured truths by a manufactured celebrity.”

He continued: “My relationship with my children has been without my wife. Her idea of a solution is that I can have my relationship with them but it will never include her. … I believed in her and fell in love with her. … She just messed this up because of her need for the cameras and the selfies. Thatʼs all our relationship became. Nothing about me was even relevant. I couldnʼt talk about anything in my life or include her in anything in my life.”

Caffrey says he does not see a reconciliation between him and Staub anytime soon.

He added: “Am I just another victim of the Housewives? All for a reality show? Danielle is very good at manufacturing truths and Iʼm sure that she will continue to spew salacious lies and fabrications as the divorce proceeds through the courts,” he told PEOPLE. “I will not play in her gutter.”

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