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Was RHOBH Season 9 Premiere Date Pushed Back Because Of Lisa Vanderpump’s Feud With Co-Stars?

Lisa Vanderpump has been making headlines for the past few weeks that she's refusing to film with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars. Now, new sources reveal that their issues is affecting the show so much that the premiere for the show's upcoming ninth season may be pushed back.

“Lisa has been struggling emotionally and with her relationship with the RHOBH cast and it has been causing all kinds of issues for the show,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life. “Many around her are upset because they’ve been forced to push the premiere date back due to problems surrounding Lisa and the tension running so high with the cast this season. The other ladies feel they have to show up to work despite what they have going on in their lives, so the fact that she isn’t makes them feel disrespected even more.”

Sources have revealed that LVP is having a hard time coping with her late brother Mark's passing. “Filming began later than usual, mainly due to Lisa not being mentally ready with the loss of her brother, and it’s just been one issue after another with her having challenges filming with the other ladies,” the source continued. “Vanderpump Rules, Lisa’s other reality show, usually airs alongside RHOBH, but nobody was expecting the kind of drama this season and the cast being so divided, so that might not happen.”

Apparently, LVP's issues with the rest of the women is causing production issues and she is allegedly considering quitting the show, especially after feeling betrayed by Kyle Richards. “Lisa really wants to leave the show, she has it on her mind at all times because she feels bullied by the other ladies and it really is getting her upset,” another source close to the show revealed to Hollywood Life. “Lisa is most upset over Kyle not being on her side because they have both been through a lot with each other. That might be the straw that breaks everything. Lisa is just sick of all the drama and by not engaging with the women it has helped a little. Its a complete mess right now.”

Photo Credit: Bravo