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Teresa Giudice Admits She’s ‘Angry’ Over Husband Joe Giudice’s Pending Deportation!

Teresa Giudice admitted that she’s angry over her husband Joe Giudice's deportation ruling during an emotional sit-down with ABC's Good Morning America. “It’s very difficult. We’ve been through a lot,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star told GMA host Michael Strahan.

“I’ve gone through ups and downs and being angry.”

Teresa revealed her main concern right now is her four daughters. “You know, [it’s] heartbreaking,” Teresa said, according to Radar Online. “Very sad. The girls are very upset. It’s hard for them.”

The Bravo reality star admitted that adults “can handle anything,” but her children are now left questioning, “why is this happening to me?”

She revealed that Joe is “being very positive” behind bars. But she still doesn’t understand why her husband never applied to become an American citizen. She even blamed it partially on Joe’s parents.

“His dad became an American Citizen before he was 18, and then his mom did it after he was 18 and then the laws changed. So I don’t know why they never made him an American Citizen,” she explained.

Teresa told Strahan she has no choice but to “take it one day at a time.”

“I never thought I’d be in this position,” she admitted.

Teresa recently revealed that they plan to file an appeal. "First, we're going to process the paperwork to do an appeal, and we're going to get through that," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Teresa also shut down any speculation that she would ever consider divorcing Joe. "No. We're going to be a family, and we're going to fight this and get through this," she said.

Photo Credit: Bravo