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Tamra Judge Accuses Emily Simpson Of Faking Storylines On RHOC — Emily Claps Back!

Tamra Judge and Emily Simpson got into a Twitter war following this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The newbie shared screenshots on Tamra Judge accusing her of faking storylines and being jealous of her marriage.

If you recall, Emily invited the ladies for a Turkish coffee reading session, in which Judge is claiming that the whole scene was staged by Simpson.

"SOOOO. FAKE! just like the fake cup reader that knew my name when I walked into the door and told me she's a huge fan and that she's actually a hairdresser (that's why I had that bitch face the whole party). I absolutely hate when cast members make shit up to be relevant," she wrote in a Instagram post.

Then, Judge claimed that Emily's mother-in-law met her husband Eddie twice before and according to her they talked for "hours about working out" and revealed that she's been to their studio before.

"Eddie has met Perry twice. a couple month prior to this party. Where he sat at her house (while I filmed Emily's kids birthday party) and talked with her and her husband for hours about working out and she's been to out studio. Clearly she was told to say that."

She continued: "Clearly Emily is jealous of my marriage. As she should be! having other people do her dirty work. #messy #playsvictim #fake"

Emily clacked back; "I don't fake storylines or scenarios on the show, and I'll refuse to be accused of it," she tweeted. Emily sets the records straight and responded to Tamra's claims as an attorney by sharing six facts, in which you can view below:

According to our good friends Good Tea, Tamra fired back with notes of her own, insisting that Emily's Turkish coffee read was "FAKE." Read Tamra's statement below:

Emily clapped back and responded to Tamra by throwing her some shade. "Apparently your GED didn't include reading comprehension, I said "fake losing your top" not fake boobs.

Then the two got into a shady exchange. "Oh you got me," wrote Judge. I fake lost my shirt when I jumped in the water #dumbass" 

Emily shaded Tamra and responded: "At least you spelled "Dumbass" correctly. Good job."

"So many childish insults," wrote Tamra.

Following their shady exchange, Emily asked Andy Cohen to "hire a worthy opponent next year so I can argue with someone who has more than 5 brain cells."

In which former RHOC cast member Peggy Tanous praised Simpson, "LMAO! You go girl!"

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamEmily or #TeamTamra? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo