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Siggy Flicker Slams Bravo And Former RHONJ Co-Stars Margaret Josephs And Melissa Gorga; Calls Them “Trashy” And “Phony” And Says It’s A “Compliment” No Longer Being On That “Sh*t Show!”

Siggy Flicker may no longer be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the relationship expert took to Twitter to slam at her former co-stars following this week's episode of the Bravo hit reality series, in particular her nemesis Margaret Josephs and surprisingly Melissa Gorga.

If you recall during the show's premiere episode last week, Gorga revealed that she no longer is speaking to Flicker over her behavior towards most of the ladies last season, in which Flicker clapped back after many fans notified her about what Gorga said about her on the show.

"ahhhhhhhh ---- she should think of getting bangs!!!!but keep bringing up my name because it's doing wonder's for me!!!!!!," replied Flicker about Melissa's comments. 

Then she added: "She takes direction really really well...... what they say....they obeys!!!," wrote Siggy about Melissa, adding the hashtags; "#PHONY #KISSASS #LEGOMAN"

That's not all. Siggy also came for her nemesis Margaret Josephs and reacted to the comments she made about her during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "I just lost my eyesight!!!!!! such trash and look at Andy getting all giddy about someone making up a lie and trashing me!!! What a compliment not to be on that shit show!!!"

But then she reveals why she's not surprised by Cohen's actions. "Can't blame him. the trashy ones make him money so he loves to egg them on!!! wind them up and they start walking into walls...I would do the same!!"

During Josephs appearance on WWHL, she revealed that Flicker "hates her guts" and when they run into each other, Flicker avoids her, or as she said "goes to another direction."

But Flicker was not having it and slammed Josephs, sharing a painting of her with a melting face that had a caption, "The face of Foreclosure."

"Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it!!! Joshua was fishing in Costa Rica & caught a hug bass figh!!! They even served to us in the restaurant!!! #Goodtimes," she wrote.

She continued: "Here is another one! making up face storylines about running into me! We don't travel in the same circles! Someone please buy Saggy's luggage so she can pay her bills & Vineyard Vines!!!! #vineyardvines #soggyflickerrocks"

Flicker then tweeted a link of her resignation letter, in the tweet she wrote: "TRASHY TRASHY TRASHY - Please keep talking about THE SIG!!!! You don't have an interesting enough storyline so you have to continue riding on my Ralph Lauren coattails! Please use something other than pot on your puss! #KNOWYOURWORTHI LOVE IT!!!"

Siggy justified herself and clapped back at fans who questioned why she was slamming Josephs. See the exchanged tweets below!

Siggy made it crystal clear that has no plans to ever returning to RHONJ and called out Bravo in the process.

"fake fake fake all the way!!! i mean how stupid do they think the public is that they portray some of these women as powerhouses when they can't pay their mortgages and are being sued left and right! Look what a fan sent me... This says it all! #pathetic." 

When asked if she would return to RHONJ, she replied: "NO WAY... They want the hot messes which is why they praise them. who else would do the desperate things some of these disgusting women do on national tv and then to have some of the mothers do it as well.," along with the hashtags: "fugly #gross #vomit"

Siggy revealed that production was the main reason she walked away from the show. "it wasn't for me... i tried my best.. did you read the letter? the girls were easy. the other part with the producers was the tough part. I didn't get a break and I was not going to put up with it!!"

Siggy claims certain cast members are "protected" by producers in the editing department. "Because they control the edit. so if you kiss up you can say anything you want and they will protect you!!!"

Siggy went savage on Margaret by sharing an unflattering photo of Margaret that had the caption, "I cheated on their father, but that's no reason for my stepkids not to talk to me."

Siggy defended her action against her former RHONJ co-stars in particular Margaret. "I say it like it filter!!! If you START it, I will not lay down like a dog, but I stand up & defend myself & will definitely finish strong! Keep bringing up my awesome name & TRYING to ride on RL coat - tails because this is so much fun! #soggyflicker #iloveit"

Siggy Flicker ended the night thanking her fans for "making tonight a spectacular evening!" 

"GOODNIGHT ALL - Thank you so much for making tonight a spectacular evening! Remember that if anyone comes at you..... STAYING SILENT IS NOT GOLDEN!!! - Stand up/Stand Tall & Fight Back! If it's not happening to you, then stick up for the person that its happening to! #lead"

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Photo Credit: Bravo