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RHOCheshire Star Rachel Lugo Reveals How She Deals With Haters Trolling Her Social Media!

Rachel Lugo justifies clapping back against an online troll who made remarks about her appearance. If you recall during this season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire - the mother-of-five had a "mommy makeover" because she was unhappy with her image.

Lugo revealed she “wears my heart on my sleeve” and would not hold back on “anything”, including her body modifications, as it was part and parcel of being on the series.

Despite being praised for coming clean about getting plastic surgery, the blonde beauty confessed it had been tough to tackle negative and nasty comments on social media.

“Everyone is going through the same sort of thing and body insecurities,” she told OK! Magazine UK. “It did touch a lot of women and I got a lot of messages over it – I don't mind what I bring to the show, if it's happening in my life, I am happy to bring it.”

“It came as a surprise to me when I joined the show that someone would start to criticize you and your look,” she continued. “It shouldn’t have been a shock but it was, and it took me a long time to deal with. I’ve been doing RHOC for a year and a half and now it doesn’t bother me, but I will submit they did initially.”

Rachel revealed she responded to one Instagram troll directly who had taken to the site to deem her “eyes set too close together” and her “face too long” in bitter words written underneath a frank post about her struggle with skin condition maligna, on her face, according to OK! Magazine UK.

“She spent hours going down my photos, it was ridiculous,” she explained. “If there's someone in a vulnerable state that worries about these things that can't be changed, what will they be driven to because of these trolls?

She added: “I've got children and it’s so important to say listen, love who you are and that actually, there is something wrong with them [the trolls], not you.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe