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RHOCheshire Star Lauren Simon Opens Up About Her Divorce From Paul Simon And Reveals The Real Reason Why She’s Keeping Their Split Off-Screen!

For the past three years, Lauren Simon has been dealing with divorce proceeding with estranged husband Paul Simon. Now, the Real Housewives of Cheshire star is opening up about her divorce and explains why she decided to keep the split off-screen.

The ITVBe reality star said re-living her legal split on screen with estranged partner Paul, with whom she had been married for 10 years, had been "torturous" and bluntly said: “This is the longest divorce in history.”

“It is still going, it's still not concluded but once it is there will be the biggest divorce party on the show,” she told OK! Magazine UK. “It is not quite over yet but it’s getting better and Paul has moved out, so the children are getting a little bit more settled.”

“I can’t say it didn't knock me for six, it has been a hard time, but I am having fun.”

The fiery redhead shares her reasons why she would not air the machinations of their marital breakdown on the ITVBe hit reality series, she continued: “I’m not playing it out on the show because I think we have had enough,” OK! Magazine UK.

Lauren admitted that her scenes are drama free this seasons as she's enjoying her time getting to know the new cast members.

She added: “When I see my girlfriends I want to go out and have fun. It’s nice to show girl power together and being there for each other.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe