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Melissa Gorga Gives An Update On Her Relationship With Danielle Staub And Explains Why She Knew Danielle’s Marriage Wasn’t Going To Last!

Melissa Gorga shares what viewers can expect from Danielle Staub this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. “I think Danielle is always good for the wow factor,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “When Danielle comes in, she's very passionate … so, it brings a really good flavor of like that passion, like crazy… I can't explain it, but she brings something to the table.”

Melissa teases her big blowup in Mexico, in which Danielle will be part of the dramatic trip.

“I think everyone knows me by now, to have Melissa Gorga, like, wig out and go crazy, you really have to push my buttons to the limit,” she teases. “So, when we're away in Cabo, I have a moment. I watch it back and I'm like, 'Ooh! I look like a tough girl. Oh, my God!’ I'm really not mean like this, but somebody must have pushed my buttons! Let's put it that way.”

Danielle, who will appear as a "friend" again this season says that as far as she knows, Danielle won’t get confessional interviews this season like the rest of the cast to explain her side of everything. Gorga also admits that most of the cast isn’t on great terms with Staub and claims that as of today, her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, is the only cast member who stays in touch with Danielle.

Melissa, along with Margaret Josephs and Giudice appeared in Staub's wedding, and explains why she wasn't surprised by Staub's split from husband Marty Caffrey.

“There was tension at the wedding,” she reveals. “You are gonna see it, and you're gonna see us saying something is off here. You know, like, why are we doing this? Yeah, I think I could see. Listen, I'm no pro, but I've been in the game for 14 years of marriage. You know 14 years going strong. So, it's like, I could see when something is not gonna be a match.”

Melissa, who has been butting heads with her sister-in-law this season after Teresa has accused her husband Joe Gorga, who is Teresa's brother not spending enough time with their father says they're all in a better place.

“We're in a good place,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “We're not in a bad place, we're just not going to agree on everything. It's not real to agree on everything for her and I.”

“I think if we were friends, it'd be worse because we wouldn't have mutual children that love each other with the same bloodline,” she adds. “So I'd be like, 'B*tch!' It would be different.”

Photo Credit: Bravo