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LeeAnne Locken To D’Andra Simmons: “Sorry, Bitch! You Aren’t Smart Enough To Get Me! Keep Trying!”

LeeAnne Locken is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne Locken opens up about her conversation with Brandi Redmond and her fight with D'Andra Simmons.

LeeAnne writes:

"Where in the world is Copenhagen?

Just kidding! WE MADE IT!!!! And no one needed their “doctor’s note!” LOL!

Was I shocked that Brandi had been waiting to drink on the plane? Uhm, YEEESSSS!! I have never been on a flight with her where she didn't have drinks the entire flight. If we go back and watch the trip to Mexico, her exact words were, “I start drinking the second I hit the airport and don’t stop till I get back home!” Truth! This is something you taught me to think about, Brandi. Not something I have made up in my head! Kameron on Xanax, or whatever it was, is my official new favorite person! She is even more hilarious!! Not kidding! I just want to keep rewatching this moment over and over again! DEAD! Uhm…D’Andra, don’t call Kameron a bitch when the bus rocked and the champs spilled all on its own! Just because she was kind enough to apologize doesn’t give you the right to be such an entitled diva! The reason Kam said “larma's a bitch” is because on the way to Beaver Creek D’Andra spilled champs all over ME! How quickly she forgets!

D’Andra telling Cary I called her an alcoholic is just continuing the bullsh-- exaggeration flowing from her mouth. If she really wanted to know what people were saying, all she had to do was ASK! They were talking about how DRUNK she was and her behavior at the Black Tie Kick Off Party. One thing I love about my LGBTQ community is their ability to CALL A BITCH OUT! #truth

Watching Stephanie try to explain to Brandi how bad her “plan” for the evening was is ALL I have been waiting for for three years from these two. A real friend expresses their concern for a bad plan but allows their friend to do what they want. If Brandi wanted to confront me, the adult way would have been to just freaking ask me! But this plan to “show me she is an alcoholic” is absolutely absurd, and I’m glad to see Stephanie call it out for what it is… passive aggressive behavior at its finest!

Y'all. That menu... I am busting out laughing at Steph’s description of “fancy food”!! Girl, we can hit up Popeye’s anytime together!! I’m with you! Let’s be clear, watching Brandi’s drinking at the table came across as very self-destructive, but I had no idea why she was going so hard! "BOOM BITCHES” is frequently heard in Michelin 5-star restaurants around the globe - NOT! **Please remind us again of that ONE TIME you were a DCC.**

When Kameron asks D'Andra why she didn’t go dress shopping is when I can tell it’s about to get crazy! D’Andra is in a mood and out for blood! WHY? I have no idea! But please D’Andra don’t tell us how you run a business every day when you have spent most of your life doing charity luncheons. Your mother runs and owns the business. Be grateful you have an office to go to! The daggers D'Andra is throwing at Kameron at this dinner is off the chain! Then the infamous phrase that has taken us home this season…"It’s none of your business.” I laugh when I think of how D’Andra uses that phrase ONLY when it benefits her! When I wave my hand and say “it’s a lot,” it’s because I was blown away by the negative energy at the table coming from her. It’s like she was dripping in hatred! When she chimes in that she feels like Kameron and I are “ganging up” against her, it’s because she is ganging up against us! We simply walked into the room and sat down! And then the proverbial sh-- hits the fan! D’Andra elevates her volume so loud that the entire restaurant started staring at our table! It was beyond embarrassing! And you would think she would know better. When Cary is saying D’Andra's name to stop her do you notice how D’Andra doesn’t care about anything or anyone! All she cares about is having the last word! Dee certainly did train her well!

When we get up to the room, and I take a moment to try to explain to D’Andra how she can stay calm and express herself, of course she is going to chime back with an insult designed to set me off! Sorry, bitch! You aren't smart enough to get to me! Keep trying! This is what I get for trying to be a friend! A backhanded slap at my progress. When I point out that she insulted me, immediately she tries telling me it was a question… PUUUHHHHLEEEAASSSEEE!!!! OWN YOUR SH--, BITCH!

Walking away from her was a choice to be better! So how does that work out for me? She follows me into my room! Why? To make sure you won? She wants so badly not to care about other people, but she does! She cares so deeply that it literally makes her sick! And now that sickness is coming out as anger! So who has the anger problem now? Let’s break this down: I agree with Kameron which gets me D’Andra screaming in my face “shut the f--- up!” When she points her finger mere millimeters from my face is when I see red! I move her hand and she pushes me! Well, you asked for it! Full on amygdala trigger is now in effect! My fist goes back, and ALL I want to do is pummel her! That’s the truth! All blood flow to my brain is now being routed ONLY to my amygdala, and my fight, flight, or freeze response is in FULL FORCE! Then a saving grace! Cary grabs my arm and brings me back to the present. D’Andra's toxic, violent, and dangerous behavior didn’t win! Cary just proved to me what a real friend she can be! And how willing she is to step in and become the voice of reason! D’Andra is lucky Cary was in the room! Now the question is will anyone point out how violent D’Andra was? Or will this group that is riddled with DS (Double Standards) maintain? Wanna make a bet?

Listening to D’Andra say she was “in shock” that I would try to “clock” her is one more sign of her delusion!! She physically started the fight!!! When do you own your portion of this? Then watching her tell Cary that it is was my fault she was aggressive with Kameron? Like what world are we in?? I want to be clear about my “friendship” with D’Andra. I have always felt like she needed help. So I was always there to help her. I dimmed my light around her at events so that she could shine brighter, because I always knew that she needed that. I didn’t care how bright I shined, because I knew my value! She doesn’t! My friendship with her has always been a one-way street leading towards her and nowhere else! I’m done!

While the album release was fabulous, having drinks in the bar afterward was not! Now to the result of Dee Simmons lies to Brandi. What have I seen of Brandi while we have been together? She has pretty much always been drunk. I have used the word “alcoholic” ONE TIME, and that was at Kam's party to Cary. It was wrong! I was wrong! Brandi saying that I triggered her feelings of pain by using that word certainly hurts me! But then take note of all the times you have triggered pain in me and own it the way I am right now! That is all I can ask for!

Well, after this episode I’m gonna need a cocktail and a massage! As always please come chat with me on social media with your questions! I am always there to answer!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo