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Leanne Brown Reportedly Plans To Expose RHOCheshire As ‘Fake’ In Tell-All Book!

Leanne Brown plans to expose The Real Housewives of Cheshire as "fake" in explosive tell-all book. According to The Irish Sun, Brown promises to "lift the lid" on her bitter feud with former bestie Dawn Ward over an alleged loan and claim scenes of the ITVBe hit show are set up and lines are fed to them by producers.

“Leanne’s written a book, called GRIT, which contains explosive stories about her time on Housewives,” a source revealed. “She’ll lift the lid on her bitter feud with Dawn Ward, talk about why she left the show and even claims that scenes on the show are fake and producers tell them what to say.

“She’ll be settling old scores with anyone she had a row with on the show – all the Housewives should be nervous,” the source told The Sun. “She’ll be telling fans what went on off camera and what the fallout from her rows with Dawn were – it’s going to be really shocking, but Leanne just wants her side of things out there now.”

“Leanne feels she’s done her time on the show and has had enough. She’s now off to do a bit of philanthropy which she feels is a lot more worthwhile.”

The source added: “It’s what she’s been passionate about and the show was a bit of a sideline really. She’ll obviously be sorely missed as she’s a big character, but I doubt the feeling’s mutual.”

As previously reported, Brown dramatically left the show shortly before the seventh season aired. Leanne and Dawn were besties in the first few seasons, with Leanne often sticking up for Dawn in arguments.

But following a fall-out over a loan, Leanne and Dawn became enemies, with the pair locked in a legal dispute that was often referenced on the show. Leanne often ended up in tears in later seasons, as she struggled to film with Dawn.

The fall-out eventually became too much for Leanne to deal with and she quit the show. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News about her decision Leanne said: “It was really difficult making the decision to leave, I loved my time on the show, and I never say never about going back, but with things as they are I won’t be going back, it’s just too difficult. It was affecting me and my family.”

Leanne now plans to focus on channeling her energy into her charity efforts, especially with charities empowering women. She is now raising funds for charity One Woman At A Time. with the launch of a T-shirt range with Irlam clothing firm OBD ( Back in March, she hosted an Empowerment Ball earlier.

Photo Credit: ITVBe