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Kristen Doute Slams James Kennedy And His ‘Dumb’ Girlfriend Raquel Leviss; Calls Him A “Bad, Bad Person” And “Garbage”

Kristen Doute is coming after her ex-boyfriend and Vanderpump Rules co-star James Kennedy and his girlfriend Raquel Leviss. Doute says that she vows to 'take down' Kennedy and said that viewers will see his true colors on the upcoming seventh season of the Bravo hit reality series.

"I love to take down the bad guy and I will stop at nothing, so sorry James Kennedy!" she told The Daily Mail Australia. "He is my target and I will continue to make him my target until all is well in the world," she explained. "Until girls are no longer called fat and bad names."

"Just the way that he treats human beings in general, I just think that he's such garbage."

Doute reveals that she has blocked Kennedy on social media and admits that she refuses to even be in the same restaurant as him.

"He's such a bad, bad person," she continued. "There have been times where his stupidity and ego can be entertaining [on the show], but I feel like and I really hope that everyone changes their mind this season."

"James digs so deep that he wants to hurt people, and that's another kind of evil."

Doute also had a few words to say about Kennedy's longtime girlfriend Raquel Leviss.

"I don't know if she's as dumb as I think she is, or if she just doesn't care that James is a terribly lying cheating human who says horrible things to women," she told The Daily Mail Australia. "Or if she actually thinks he's that cool and believes him, their whole dynamic is just super odd to me."

She added: "I just pray and I hope that viewers change their mind about him this season."

Photo Credit: Bravo