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Kelly Dodd’s Daughter Comes To Her Defense And Calls Vicki Gunvalson A “Bitch”; Vicki Fires Back And Reveals Why She Accused Kelly Of Using Cocaine!

The drama between Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson continues following Sunday night's episode of Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 reunion special.

After the OG of the OC suggested that the Dodd does cocaine and that she doesn't spend much time with her daughter - Kelly, who claims that she doesn't allow her daughter to view the show took to Instagram stories where she revealed that she allowed her daughter to watch the episode to shut down Gunvalson's claims, where 12-year-old daughter slammed Gunvalson, calling her a “bitch.”

So how did Gunvalson felt about Kelly's daughter's comment? After a fan said that Dodd and her daughter acted in poor taste. The fan wrote, “Didn’t like what Kelly and her daughter had to say on IG today! Great mothering skills.”

Gunvalson agreed with the fan, adding, “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree! It’s really sad. When she needs a friend to help her I’ll be there for her.”


When asked if Michael, Kelly's ex-husband was the one who told her about the cocaine story, Vicki said: "Nope! Shannon and I both heard it from a very good friend of hers"

When the OG of the OC was asked why she accused Kelly of using cociane, Vicki replied: "Kelly has been attacking Steve and I since  January on every podcast, interview and tabloid who would listen. We didn't say a word, but Enough is enough."


Meanwhile, according to a new report, Dodd “fully supports” her daughter Jolie‘s choice words. “People criticize Kelly for being more of a friend to Jolie than a mom and maybe she is,” a source close to Bravo reality star told Radar Online. “But that is not always a bad thing. It just shows how close her and her daughter are. Kelly did not tell Jolie to say anything. Jolie speaks her mind, just like her mom,” the insider added.

Apparently, Dodd wants Bravo to fire Gunvalson for making up lies, similar to what happened to Phaedra Parks.

“This is a nightmare for producers, because Kelly is very important to the show and has a such a large fan base,” an insider told Radar Online. “They are hoping to fix this and have the two ladies mediate, but Kelly has made up her mind: Vicki goes or she walks.”

“Kelly believes if Phaedra was fired, then Vicki should be, too.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo