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Kelly Dodd Says She Will Not Return To RHOC For Season 14 If Vicki Gunvalson Does!

Kelly Dodd is claiming that she plans to quit The Real Housewives of Orange County unless Bravo gets rid of Vicki Gunvalson for accusing her of doing cocaine in the sneak peek preview of the upcoming thirteenth reunion trailer.

Dodd went off in her comments section of a recent Instagram post where she insisted if the OG of the OC doesn't get the boot, she won't return for Season 14.

"I don't do drugs.. but I [wouldn't] sue her we [signed] contracts that we can't sue each other .. it's ok if she's on next year I won't be on ," she shared when asked she should sue Vicki for making drug allegations.

"No I can't go back if that liar can just say shit without consequences the money isn't worth it to me! My daughter means more to me than this show and she is trying to ruin my reputation.. just out of principle I won't go back ! they can pick the OG I'm out!!," she wrote.

Then, Kelly clarified why she ended up going with Vicki for dinner after the reunion taping, which Gunvalson revealed on WWHL earlier this month. "Becuase she apologized and she wanted to talk to me so I thought I would hear what she would say...," she wrote. "I didn't realize what kind of negative press this was going to get and my daughter is so upset!! I didn't realize it was going to be this bad!"

"How could I film with that liar this is character assassination I have a daughter with kids at school and I don’t do cocaine!!!" Dodd wrote about her future on RHOC, according to Radar Online.

"If @bravotvand @evolutionusa let her get away with this then I’m out!! I will not return next season!! I have a daughter and a brand that bitch! How could I film with her?"

Dodd continued, writing that she had enough of Gunvalson. "If they don’t do something to Vicki how could I go back.. I’m not going sell my soul for this ratchet liar ! How could I my poor daughter!"

She responded a fan who wrote: "Vicki is definitely not my fav but what did I miss??? When did she say Kelly did drugs?!?!?!!! She can’t just throw false statements out there and get away with it," by writing “exactly."

Who do you want to see back on RHOC? Vicki or Kelly? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images