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Fans Beg Andy Cohen To Bring RHOMelbourne Back To Bravo!

American fans of The Real Housewives of Melbourne are wondering when will Bravo bring back the ladies from down under as the network has yet to air the show's fourth season. Bravo has aired the first three seasons, but fans of the series are not happy that they network has not revealed a U.S. premiere date for Season 4.

Over the past few months, many fans have taken to social media to beg Cohen, who is the executive producer of the American Real Housewives franchise to bring the Melbourne installment back to the Bravo.

"Can you bring back Real Housewives of Melbourne to Bravo? Been waiting forever for season 4 and its way better than any american housewives," wrote one, according to The Daily Mail. "I'm begging you."

"Why can't The Real Housewives of Melbourne and Cheshire be seen in the States? I don't have access to them on the Bravo app," another fan tweeted. "Please advise."

Another tweeted: "When will we get new episodes on the USA?"

Even cast member Gamble Breaux reached out to Bravo via Twitter asking the network when will they air the show. "Even cast member Gamble Breaux has got in on the action, with the outspoken blonde taking to Twitter recently to ask Bravo to air the season following pressure from fans.," she wrote.

The first season aired on Bravo during Saturday afternoons in 2014, meanwhile seasons two and three were upgraded to a prime time slot on Bravo.

As previously reported, the fifth season is rumored to start filming next year.

Season 4 cast consists of returning cast members Gamble Breaux, Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, Lydia Schiavello, along with newcomers Sally Bloomfield and Venus Behbahani-Clark.

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Foxtel