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Erika Girardi Says RHOBH Season 9 Will Include “Some Interesting Shifts In Friendships And Alliances”

Erika Giradi teases fans what they can expect in the upcoming ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “There are going to be some interesting shifts in friendships and alliances,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s going to be full of drama.”

And as far as the new season, despite a few bumps, “we are more united as a cast than ever,” says Girardi. “We stick up for each other a lot more. You’re going to have one or two where you don’t see it, but the majority of the women are backing each other up.”

Denise Richards will join the ladies as the new cast member for Season 9, and according to Girardi she fits right in. “I really like her. I think she’s smart and she’s fun and she has a good story to tell,” she says. “Plus, her personal history with the group is interesting. She’s known some of them like Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards for a long time!”

As for Girardi, besides filming for the Bravo hit reality series, she's been busy on tour, performing through December as her alter ego Erika Jayne.

“We added a second leg based on the first selling out all but one show,” says Girardi. “It’s been such a lovely reception, and I’m really proud. People are wild from opening to closing and that’s what it’s supposed to be — a good time dance party!”

Girardi credits “extra cardio and adrenaline” for the stamina she needs to carry her through grueling rehearsals and the performances — plus a little secret before she goes onstage.

“We always have a group prayer and a shot of Fireball before we go onstage,” she told PEOPLE. “I know I sound like I’m reliving some college fantasy!”

Photo Credit: Bravo