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Billie Lee And James Kennedy Reportedly ‘Struggling’ To Fit In With Their Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars!

According to a new report, Billie Lee is “seriously struggling” to fit in with her Vanderpump Rules co-stars. “Billie cannot find a group to be close to so she is just clinging on to the servers at Sur. She is working at the restaurant all the time unlike the original cast,” a source told Radar Online.

“Billie keeps trying to go on cast trips and hang out with the rest of them, but she is continuously not invited. She just feels out of place and like she is not part of the storyline.”

Lee is apparently so frustrated that she might allegedly bail. “At this point, she is considering calling it quits because it is not healthy for her,” said the source. “It’s gotten to the point where she is just hanging out with Jesse Montana because she has no one else. And he thinks that she is just kissing his ass!”

Billie isn't the only cast member struggling to fit in with the cast. According to sources, James Kennedy is being shunned after he allegedly “humiliated” his co-star Brittany Cartwright at SUR recently over her fiancé Jax Taylor's affair with Faith Stowers.

“James basically was making fun of the fact that Jax hooked up with Faith, and how Brittany still got back with him. He was DJ’ing at SUR and rapped a song about Jax and Faith when Brittany was like five feet away,” a source told Radar Online.

“It was bad — like, really bad,” continued the source. “Brittany was balling her eyes out over it and had to be escorted out because she almost passed out from being upset and embarrassed.”

Needless to say, Taylor didn’t take well to Kennedy’s diss. “James was taking more of a dig at Jax than Brittany,” the source explained, “but the girls are all super angry because they love Brittany and cannot believe that he went there. It is just so f***ed up.”

Photo Credit: Bravo