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Stephanie Hollman Says She’s Enjoying Her New Friendship With Kameron Westcott!

Stephanie Hollman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Stephanie Hollman talks about Brandi Redmond being her date to 80's prom charity event and her lunch meeting with Kameron Westcott and LeeAnne Locken.

Stephanie writes:

"There are few nights in a young girl’s life more magical than prom. Your date shows up hanging out the window of a white stretch limousine, popping a bottle of champagne, letting you know that the night is going to end with a literal "bang." You’re standing on the balcony with hair high enough to touch the clouds, drool dripping from your braces, swooning over the hunk of a man that came to sweep you off your feet.

So romantic! When Kameron invited us to the ‘80s-themed prom, Brandi had the genius idea of going as each other’s dates. She wears the pants in our relationship, so naturally I wore a dress. We don't like to lose a competition (have you voted for us in the “Best Friend” category for the Real Housewives Awards, because we don't want to lose that either) so we went ahead and crowned ourselves king and queen before the night even began. You can’t lose if you walk in a winner, and boy did we feel like winners! I will spare you the dirty details of the limo ride home. 

Earlier in the week, I shared a great lunch with Kameron and LeeAnne. I am really enjoying getting to know these two girls, so I was flattered when they asked me to join them for lunch. I think it is so funny watching this moment back with LeeAnne trying to play matchmaker between Kam and myself, because we actually do weekly workouts together now, and I am really enjoying my new friendship with her. LeeAnne, who knew you were such great matchmaker! 

I really opened up in this episode in ways that I never have before. Literally opened up…my legs—on Cary’s operating table! I have an issue where I pee almost any time I do anything. Just another gift from childbirth! Cary and Mark recently opened their brand new laser center, so I called Cary’s in-house “Vagina Whisperer” to assess the situation. Paul stuck his magic wand up my lady parts and made them new again, just in time for prom too might I add! 

After my treatment, I wanted to sit down with Cary and make her aware of something that I noticed going on between her and the other ladies. I am all for her being totally honest and transparent within our group of friends, but she should be honest about herself and her problems, not ours! The last thing I want to see happen is for her to start losing friends because they feel like they can’t trust her. Cary has such a big heart, and I understand what she was trying to do. I just think she needs to take it down a notch so that she doesn’t look like a pot stirrer. 

So just to recap: Brandi was my hot date, I got penetrated by Cary, and I enjoyed a fun lunch with Kameron and LeeAnne. It was a great week for me!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo