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RHOCheshire Alum Stacey Forsey Opens Up About New Cookbook And Expanding Her Lifestyle Brand!

Stacey Forsey decided to leave The Real Housewives of Cheshire to focus on expanding her lifestyle brand, which included releasing a new dessert cookbook which is egg, gluten and dairy free, called "Scrumplicious Sweet Treats."

Forsey on why she decided to create a lifestyle brand. "I think a lifestyle brand fits so well because of all the areas in which I am super interested. I love art and love to paint and illustrate, and I am now so interested with nutrition and love to cook and bake," she told The Daily Mail. "I am a massive fan of style and fashion - hence the hand-illustrated T-shirt collection that I have been working on."

"It just feels like the natural way to go. It enables me to work on a little bit of each area of my hobbies, talent and interests."

Stacey admits that one of her biggest idols is former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham.
"From pop star to business woman, mother and fashion designer. Total respect."

As previously mentioned, Stacey released her first dessert cookbook called Scrumplicious Sweet Treats. Forsey shares the inspiration behind her new recipe book.

"Three members of my family, including myself of course, are allergic and intolerant to certain foods including gluten, dairy and eggs. I had to make changes to my diet and to my daughter’s," she told The Daily Mail. "All sweet treats are typically made with butter, flour, eggs and sugar. This meant no more desserts and sweet treats for us."

"I can cope but it is so unfortunate for my growing little girl - I am a great believer in balance and we all deserve a treat now and again. There are some amazing alternative treats, however I couldn’t find any recipes that excluded all three ingredients - and none that matched the same taste and texture of those sweet traditional treats and desserts that I have grown to love," she continued.

"I have also become increasingly frustrated with never being offered a suitable dessert in a restaurant, at a hotel or on public transport - or even more so in school for my child," she added. "Since sharing my story and symptoms I have learnt of so many people with allergies and intolerances to food... all these factors made me want to create recipes that are sweet and delicious, just like the real thing."

Stacey Forsey’s Srumplicious Sweet Treats book is available to buy today from Amazon and

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