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NeNe Leakes Slams Kenya Moore In A Series Of Tweets And Admits She Was “Being Sarcastic” About Dissing Bravo For Not Capturing Her Baby Shower On RHOA; Says “My Well Wishes Were Pure & From The Heart!”

NeNe Leakes made a revelation on Twitter this week during a Q&A session, which took place on Wednesday, October 24 to discuss about her issues with her former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore.

Leakes shocked fans over the weekend when she congratulated Moore on her baby shower via social media. But the original peach is not holding back and spills the hot tea.

"No i wasn't invited!," wrote NeNe about Kenya's baby shower. "I didn't get a gift but I'm [not] oppose to giving 1. I luv babies & i luv shopping."

Then, NeNe shut down claims that she's jealous of Moore's happiness. "Here comes the ignorance! What reason do i have 2 b jealous of her? I'll wait her marriage? I been married! Her pregnancy? Been there twice! Her house? I have one! Her car, i have several! Her job? I hav jobsssss"

NeNe then called out Kenya and revealed why the two are not in good terms at the moment.

"U know there r people who like 2 b strategic around the premiere! They tend to use others name 4 a come up! Trust me, the girls on this season deserve 2 be here! That person that is NOT here is b/c they simply didn't want 2 show their REALITY!"

Then, NeNe admits that she was being sarcastic over the weekend when she was commenting on various Instagram posts about Kenya Moore's baby shower. "For those asking, i was definitely being sarcastic the other day but my well wishes were pure & from the heart! Bravo, Andy not myself should [not] be blamed 4 some1 wanting 2 b on a reality show & NOT show their reality! They choose NOT 2 let u in their life now flipping it #facts," she wrote.

If you recall, Leakes shocked fans over the weekend when she took to Instagram to congratulate Kenya, who celebrated her baby shower with her husband Marc Daly.

NeNe shared a photo of Kenya celebrating her baby shower along with fellow Housewives Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Shamea Morton and RHOP's Gizelle Bryant, she captioned, "OMG! You guys look so amazing! Congrats @thekenyamoore  wish i could have been there #babydaly"

When a fan questioned if she even liked Kenya, Leakes responded; "Love her so much! She's a SUPER sweet person."

NeNe then wrote "Beauties" on Bailey's photo where she's posing along with Moore. When asked if she was cool with Cynthia being friends with Moore, NeNe replied; "Totally! They are bff so why not I'm so supportive of that," she wrote.

NeNe also wrote came a comment on Gizelle Bryant's post, where she shared a photo with Kenya and the RHOA ladies at thebaby shower. "Tv royalty!," wrote NeNe. "Bravo is crazy to miss all this greatness and beauty."

NeNe along with former RHOA producer Carlos King agreed that it was unfortunate that Bravo didn't capture this moment. "If only this was filmed," wrote Carlos.

NeNe responded, "She should be a housewife! Bravo is crazy" She added: "They r sooooo beautiful! So so so happy for her and Marc."

But according to Leakes, Moore's motive was "strategic" because they want to be on RHOA. "Don't be fooled! We hav no problems!," said NeNe about Kenya. "This is all strategic b/c they dying 2 b on this show! Remember they was at my white party. We were cool at the reunion & after the reunion. U know there r certain ppl name u use & nobody cares but there r names that catch others attention."

She continued: "There are things people ask for in life like marriage & pregnancy! My hubby didn't ask for cancer! He's my priority at the moment and rightly so! With that said, i still have 2 work & i still care for those in my life."

NeNe then shared a photo of a bus which included banner of herself with Kylie Jenner from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City representing NBCInternational streaming service, Hayu along with the caption; "Awww snap! Look who made it on the busses in Toronto, Ontario...looks like Nene, Kylie & Bethenny!," she wrote, then threw some shade towards Kenya. "Wonder why the star of the show didn't make it on here," along with the hashtags "#thetreat #lifeofnene"

Leakes ends her Q&A by revealing that she will "NOT" answer any more questions pertaining" to Kenya. "Now going forward, i will NOT answer any questions pertaining 2 this foolishness! Just know they did this to their self & chose this path!," she wrote, adding, "Trust the entire cast knows this! Bravo is watching so if i was them, i would stop the foolishness! Tunes into RHOA Nov 4th at 8pm on Bravo."

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen came to NeNe's defense via Twitter and wrote, "#RHOA is the house that NeNe built!" Which the OG Georgia peach shared a screen shot of Andy's tweet on her Instagram page with the caption, "Well i guess we can all go to sleep wit our wigs off! Andy has spoken...Drops mic! Good nite bitch #RHOA #facts 💯 put some RESPECT on my name☝🏾"

As previously reported, Kenya recently confirmed her departure from RHOA. After allegedly months of back and forth negotiations, Moore confirmed she was leaving the show after five years. “I have decided to take this season off to focus on my high risk pregnancy in a healthy and drama free environment," Kenya told Bravo's The Daily Dish in a statement.

"I thank Bravo for this amazing platform that has allowed me to grow, flourish and appreciate the value of what is truly important in life."

Kenya also thanked her fans for all of the love they have shown her during her time on the Bravo hit reality series in her statement. "And to #TeamTwirl: Thank you for your loving and relentless support — you will see me soon!" Kenya gushed, adding a reminder that her first child, #BabyDaly, is on the way.

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Photo Credit: Bravo