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LeeAnne Locken: “Both Brandi And D’Andra Are Trying SO HARD To SET ME OFF And It’s Just Isn’t Working”

LeeAnne Locken is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne Locken opens up about her issues with Brandi Redmond and D'Andra Simmons.

LeeAnne writes:

"Here’s the thing, if you keep repeating a lie long enough, will people will start to believe it? Not me!

Welcome back to the city that just can’t stop talking...about me apparently! Let’s saddle up and see if this bronco can buck!

The dichotomy of watching me, Steph, and Kam talk about our lives and truly try to get to know one another versus Brandi & D’Andra talking about ME is telling! Whoever wrote "all roads lead home" had no idea what a pain in the ass it would be! This week one thing is certain: Stephanie’s confessionals have me laughing so hard I am totally peeing my pants! I might have to call Cary about that.

I asked Steph and Kam to lunch because I felt like the moment that happened between Stephanie and I, where we connected, happened away from the group, and I believe these two ladies will connect and can become fabulous friends! Misplaced loyalty is what has always held any of us back from connecting with one another. Now, hopefully, these two blondes can connect and develop a fast friendship! BEST REALITY MOMENT of the night is Kameron saying to me, “You have never told me not to be friends with anybody!” Thank you! I don’t care who people are friends with as long as everyone is given a fair chance!

D’Andra saying, “I feel like she’s pushing me away” is laughable. Is this same girl who said IGNORING ME was her game plan? This is the same girl who wouldn’t take my phone calls or text messages. You can’t push someone who is NOT THERE! Someone please start keeping a scoreboard, but make sure D’Andra plays for both teams! Ultimately her goal is to WIN! And if she can’t win, her Plan B seems to be to try to DESTROY the other person! Sad but true. Mark my words.

Let me be clear that even if I heard that Jeremy isn’t faithful, I for sure wouldn’t bring it up on national television, because I don’t trust that someone wouldn’t just USE ME to HURT YOU! Apparently HURTING ME is okay with you! Then you DECLARING that “I know that LeeAnne knows (that Rich is cheating) but she refuses to tell me!” Why would that make you HAPPY?? And if I even heard it and/or believed it, do you really think I would still be living with him? I think you know me better than that, which leads me to QUESTION YOUR INTENT!!!! Nothing you are saying about me or Rich is rational or real. So what is the INTENT?

What I love about charity season in Dallas is seeing all my fabulous friends and getting to spend time with them all for a great cause and the Black Tie Kick Off Party is one of those events! The party was scheduled from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm so I love that someone runs the ACTUAL TIME during the scene at the party!

6:45 I arrive at the event

7:22 taking pictures and talking with people

8:35 having a hilarious conversation about vacuuming in heels

9:10 taking a pic in the photo booth with the BFF sign but NO BFFs!

9:30 An HOUR after the party has ended and I am saying goodbye to my friends, Brandi & D’Andra walk in! DRUNK!

Why D’Andra thought it was a good idea to bring Brandi, after they had both been drinking all day, I have no idea! I don’t care if you drink all day, I care if you show up SH-- FACED to a charity event! The D’Andra I know would NEVER have done this! Did anyone else notice that Brandi asked me several times “How are you?” and I am just not sure how many ways I can say, "I am great!” Brandi, I don’t care if you DRINK ALL DAY, just don’t come around me when I am trying to make a difference in my community! Stay at the bar, because having a conversation with DRUNK Brandi is EXHAUSTING! I am having to repeat everything I say and even then...she wanders off into left field and starts talking about three years ago. Uhh HELLO! 2018 calling! Please stay in the present! Let me break this down for y’all- Brandi has always thought that I think she A) isn’t a good person B) isn’t a good influence C) told people not to be her friend… I mean really I could go on, but why? NONE OF THIS IS TRUE! It’s her perception, and when she drinks it gets MAGNIFIED and comes out as anger and frustration towards me! The sad part is, it’s not my job to change her, it’s HERS! She has certainly challenged me to GET HELP and GET BETTER!

And now Brandi’s TRUTH is revealed when she says, “I 100% believe that LeeAnne is using Stephanie to get under my skin!” Come on girl! If you talked to Steph for two minutes you would know that is not the case! I’m actually afraid that being her friend will cause problems between you and her if you want the TRUTH, and I don’t want to cause problems for her!

And here we go again at No Tie Gala! Brandi is already feeling no pain and wants to talk to me alone! To say you NEEDED AN ESCAPE from your life sounds INCREDIBLY SAD to me! So how do you handle your escape?? You tell me that I need an escape from my life because I am not being honest. PROJECT MUCH? You literally just PROJECTED what is happening in your life ON ME! And even when I tell you I am good, you won’t accept it! So I resort to USING ANALOGIES to make you STOP! How would you feel if I said people were saying this? Because THAT is what you are doing to me! But of course, that is not how she hears it or takes it!

Both Brandi and D'Andra are trying SO HARD to SET ME OFF and it just isn’t working! And then it’s like God rewards me for not going ballistic on either of them by having everyone in the room that night vote for me to be Prom Queen! Seriously melted my heart! For a girl who didn’t go to her own prom, who feels like the world is constantly against her to be told, we voted for you- TEARS! I love my LGBTQ Community and nothing will ever change that! We bonded over being judged and not accepted and now we support and love each other towards our victories!

Sending you all my love and wishing that we all find the unconditional love we each deserve!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo