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Kelly Dodd Reveals She And Vicki Gunvalson Are No Longer On Speaking Terms!

Kelly Dodd has revealed that she and Vicki Gunvalson are no longer speaking to each other. “We don’t talk at all. Not at all,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star told Entertainment Tonight.

“As a matter of fact, I went to Tamra [Judge]’s house for her birthday in September, and Tamra showed me the text [from Vicki]. She’s like, ‘I’m not gonna be there if Kelly’s there.’”

“The problem with the show is, it’s kinda hard to move forward because you go back into that time that you felt and then you say things to each other via text and you’re like, ‘Oh my God.’ You get mad again. I’m not mad at her, but she’s clearly mad,” Dodd explained.

As previously reported, Dodd and Gunvalson's relationship became fractured after the OG of the OC helped introduce Dodd’s ex-husband Michael to his new girlfriend. She even went on a few double dates with them and her boyfriend Steve Lodge — something Gunvalson did not mention to Dodd.

While Dodd claims that she wants Michael “to be happy,” she took issue with him and Gunvalson for not revealing who the woman was.

“It was the mere fact that I didn’t know who it was, they completely lied to me — I had to find out from somebody else,” Dodd told Entertainment Tonight. “That’s really what it went down to.”

She added, “It just sounded like she was being sneaky.”

Despite their fall out, Kelly is hopeful that she and Gunvalson can repair the relationship.

“It’s always better to be friendly. And I’ve always had a great time with her. I’m hoping that we’ll one day talk again,” said Dodd, who has since become close with Tamra Judge: “We keep secrets with each other.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images