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Kameron Westcott Opens Up About Her Confrontation With Cary Deuber And Reacts To Brandi Redmond’s ‘Double Standards’ Comment!

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott opens up about her sit-down with Cary Deuber and reacts to Brandi Redmond's double standards comment. Tell us about this confrontation with Cary - telling her that she plays both sides, and walking away. Can you explain this finger-pointing moment? What were you thinking when she brought Stephanie over?
Kameron Westcott: A low finger wave totally acceptable, a high finger wave and you’re going to start some drama in Dallas. “Society” 101! But seriously, I was annoyed because I always feel like I am a one-man team in this friend group, besides LeeAnne. Cary is a good friend, and I adore her, I just sometimes feel like she is a people pleaser and always wants to be on everyone’s good side. I felt like she did not stand up for me when she knew I meant no harm and was upset, but I feel much better after our talk and that we have both lowered our fingers. What did you think when D’Andra said that she values your opinion so much and is worried about your knowledge of her financial struggles because you’re also in the high society?
KW: I appreciate D’Andra saying that she values my opinion and I value hers as well. Regarding her money situation, I could care less if she was broke or not. She is a smart, funny gal that I am friends with, and only because of that. Some people do judge in Dallas about money, but not me, I just judge you if sex toys or butt plugs are involved. Tell us about breaking down to Cary about feeling left out. What do you think of her apology? What did you think about hearing about the “stressticles'?
KW: I accept Cary’s apology. It was nice to hear that she really had my back. It’s just hard sometimes when you think that you’re being ganged up on, and everyone else has a “best friend” in the group but you. Regarding Brandi’s “gift”, its par for the course, but if they were in pink I would have liked them, they would match my pink circle earrings. What do you think about Brandi saying you have a double standard with her and the other girls? 

KW: Brandi thinks I judge her but I don’t judge LeeAnne. Look I am not perfect and we all have our faults, but the difference between the two is that Brandi wears her inappropriateness with a badge of honor and can be bossy sometimes with it... LeeAnne can be wild but not in a mean-spirited way and is constantly working on herself, so that is why I have no issue with her. I mean I am wild too, I once went to bed without brushing my teeth. Tell us about hearing Court say that things still aren’t totally in place and that you should be realistic about the business.
KW: I had the best experience at Global telling the SparkleDog story and got so many good leads and connections. Court needs to understand that it takes time to build my pink fairy business castle, and he needs to trust his blonde and just give her a little more time and $$$. It’s not midnight yet, and my carriage ain’t a pink pumpkin. If he just gives me some more time that pink/red loss will turn into a beautiful shade of green.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo