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Kameron Westcott: “I Didn’t Want Brandi And LeeAnne To Have Another Falling Out If She Misheard LeeAnne”

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott shares her thoughts on the drama that went on at Cary Deuber's event between LeeAnne Locken, D'Andra Simmons and Brandi Redmond. How did you enjoy Cary's event?
Kameron Westcott: I had a wonderful time at Cary’s  event. I loved seeing her in her work element. Being there reminded me of how much she really loves her job and has such a passion for what she does. This may be cheesy to say, but Cary is extremely intelligent regarding all this medical stuff, and she really should have been a doctor. Most of all I loved learning all about the different procedures they do. To be able to see the procedures actually being done was special, because you never usually get an opportunity like this. I'm a baby when it comes to medical procedures, but after seeing the patients and how calm they were makes me feel like I could possibly try that one day! You said you couldn't see LeeAnne making that remark about Brandi having a baby to save her marriage. Did you not believe Brandi in that moment?
KW: When I heard this comment...I was shocked. LeeAnne has never said anything negative like this ever to me about Brandi, so I didn’t know where this came from and what to believe. It was so extreme I knew I needed to talk to LeeAnne right away and get the story and facts ASAP. I knew there had to be more to this story! It just didn’t add up!

LeeAnne and I are close, so you would have thought she would have told me this comment before or at least mentioned it to me first if she believed this was true. I wanted to fix this situation right away, because I didn’t want Brandi and LeeAnne to have another falling out if she misheard LeeAnne.

Thank goodness I went straight to the source and got the answer. LeeAnne told me she used the statement as a “metaphor” to explain to Brandi that what Brandi was doing and saying about LeeAnne’s relationship and her jealousy of D’Andra is comparable to a statement like this. But LeeAnne said Brandi somehow did not recognize that it was a metaphor.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo