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Hanna Miraftab Reveals How Her Life Has Changed Since Joining The Real Housewives Of Cheshire!

Hanna Miraftab joined the eighth season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire after her fiancé Martin Kinsella made a guest appearance after giving Lauren Simon a non-surgical facelift. Now, Hanna, who runs the Kiln Lane Dental Practice in St Helens, opens up about how much her life has changed since joining the ITVBe hit reality series.

"I'm a dentist. I've not had any sort of television experience or training in media ever in my life so it's a complete new world. It's nuts," said told the Manchester Evening News.

"One of Martin's patients is Lauren Simon off the programme and she's been friends with him for years. Last series they approached him to do a non-surgical facelift on her so Martin was on the show, and he bloody loved it. He loves it more than me," she continued.

"So he was on the show and he was doing a thread lift, it was a real success and before I knew it I got a casting camera in the house and three or four weeks later 'here's the contract' - So it all happened very quickly."

Hanna, who joined the show along with Perla Navia as the newest cast members describes her first filming experience "very daunting."

"Obviously I went in with Perla, but they all know each other and a lot have known each other for years so there's already very strong friendships so you're going into this sort of group of friends. It was very daunting at first."

"All we knew was that 'you're going to a Cheshire garden party tomorrow. Wear glam garden wear and arrive at this time'," explained Hanna. "We were at a friends wedding the night before thinking 'oh my god we're going to a party tomorrow that's being filmed.'"

She continued: "But you get so used to it. At first it's daunting with the cameras and the microphones and you're constantly thinking 'I can't say this, I can't say that.'"

Hanna makes it clear the drama seen on the show is "real."

"There's no script. Lots of people always ask me 'is it real?' and it is real. It's your own words and it's you. You're playing yourself. It's not fake in any way. It's like real life in a pressure cooker."

Despite the drama, Miraftab admits that she has "enjoyed" the experience. "I have enjoyed. It's been a rollercoaster of emotion with its ups and downs. It's important to have someone supportive by your side and Martin has been amazing through it."

She added: "Sometimes you do feel on your own, especially when a lot of the girls are disagreeing with you. You feel like you're the only one standing your ground."

Hanna also praised the show's production company for dealing with all the conflict on the show.

"It's generally very positive. The crew, the production are amazing and hats off to them because dealing with eight women with eight different lives and there's conflict, I think they've been fantastic."

Hanna then opens up how much has the show affected her professional life. "I've had to reduce my clinical hours to working two days a week and it's like being on call. My phone could go and it's like 'be in a ballgown 6pm tomorrow.'

"It's quite ad hoc and you've just got to be available."

When asked if the show has changed her life, she responded: "Yes and no. Yes in a sense in that obviously now I'm on television and you immediately overnight become a public figure and people have got opinions on you and your life and your fiancé and your mum and your choice of wedding dress," she told Manchester Evening News.

She added: "You become somebody that people have opinions about. But we're still ourselves. we haven't changed as people."

Photo Credit: ITVBe