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EXCLUSIVE: Christall Kay Talks About Her Music Career And Weighs In On ‘Real Housewives Of Johannesburg’ Season 1 Drama!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Claude's Corner on iRealHousewives. I’m Jean-Claude and today I have with us Christall Kay from The Real Housewives of Johannesburg here to recap the the first season of 1Magic's hit reality series, where she spills the tea and reflects her time on the show and much more, check it out!

Hallo Christall welcome back to iRealHousewives!
Christall Kay: Thanks, it is great to be back!

How do you feel now that the first season has come to an end? 
CK: The show has become such a big part of my life that it is going to feel rather strange without it! However it will be nice to have a break.

Prior to the season finale - you performed and debuted your single “Wonder” -- how was that experience like? 
CK: It was great! I really enjoyed performing and it was just another confirmation that this is what I have always wanted to do, and it is never too late! The worst clips of my singing and dancing had been used by the show and the girls had ripped me to shreds, and now it was my turn to slay!!

Do you have any routines before performing? 
CK: I do a vocal warm up and I like to keep calm and happy.  I keep away from toxic people and situations.

Is the cat-suit going to be a Christall Kay trademark? 
CK: Yes its Christall Kay as the Wonderwoman when she is performing "Wonder".  My trademark! So Wonderful!!

Photo Credit: Facebook

We saw you working with the Klubjumpers this season -- how’d that collaboration come to fruition?
CK: I was placed 2nd runner up in a song competition, Your Music Out Loud In the USA, which they organized, and thereafter the Klubjumpers asked me to work with them. They have worked with huge stars like Jason Derulo and Britney Spears, and have platinum awards to show for this.

The viewers witnessed the music video from you're first single “Set Apart.” If there would be a video for “Wonder,” what would be different, and what did you learn from your first video?
CK: The video for Wonder would showcase the different places in the song like the Great Wall of China and the statues in Rome, angelic processions and the stars in the sky.  I would still be in there somewhere!  The Focus would be on looking out and not so much on me as the artist.  Beautiful images of our wonderful world are to be featured as we realize that we can't control that "mystery that makes me wonder" God and the Universe are eternal and we are a part in it all.

Since you have a very large estate, do you think there’s room for a studio?
CK: Yes definitely, I have a semi-studio already however a full recording studio would be nice.

On the first episode Lendy didn’t wear the dress and said that her dog got to it -- why do you think didn’t she wear it?
CK: Yes, I think she honestly did not like the dress and that is why she didn't wear it.  I was certainly teasing her when she didn't wear it as planned, and she completely took it the wrong way!

We didn’t see much of Lendy and Naledi -- do you think they’ll be around next season?
CK: I doubt that they will be around! They did not seem to enjoy the show and missed much of the filming.

Next time you go to Botswana, do you think you’ll get the jet?
CK: I honestly don't think there will be another time of going to Botswana. And anywhere else I won't be offering!

Do you think that your ex (HIM) is watching the show? And what does he think of “Wonder”? 
CK: I hope he watches the show as he has always encouraged me about my music. Yes, I am sure he will enjoy Wonder as he is quite aware that he is one of the eighth world wonders!!

Photo Credit: 1Magic

Will “Wonder” be the last song dedicated to HIM? And more importantly do you still wonder about HIM? 
CK: He was responsible for inspiring a lot of my songs so I can't say there will be no others dedicated to him. I wonder about him all the time, and still want to save him.

At Mercy’s vegan party, do you feel the ladies unfairly grilled you over being in love with your EX?
CK: Yes, they were so uptight about it. They all know the history that I have with him, and how he loved me so much and gave me the world. How can you expect anyone not to keep loving such a person. I do believe that all the girls are jealous about my ex and what he did for me! I am the Cinderella and they are the ......

Do you think women or even men who are comfortable with mentioning their EX’s are just secure with themselves and their current relationship?
CK: Yes definitely my husband is well aware of the situation. He has been a friend of mine for many years before we got married and knew me while I was dating my ex. The girls and Mercy in particular took it upon herself to give me a lecture on the moral code of love and shame me in her confessionals when I really never asked for her opinion or advice.

Lerika is often a big critic of you and you're dancing -- do you think she’s being passive aggressive or just taking the tough love approach? 
CK: Lerika surprised me with many of her comments! I thought she was my biggest fan but made such nasty comments about me and my dancing. For what? Of all people she knew the situation with regard to the dancing practice, I was overtired and was being silly a lot of the time. I never took that dance practice seriously at all! I have always been a fabulous dancer and that comes out in the final single launch. I was the one that even choreographed much of the dance routine for it, which was done in 2 days rehearsal at the venue which was not filmed.

Lerika came out to support you for your launch at the nightclub -- why didn’t the other ladies show up? 
CK: I had just had the fight with Mercy and Evodia and I did not want such haters at my launch.  Remember Mercy had tried to physically assault me when I took them shopping. Naledi was apparently studying, Lendy was overseas at the time and Brinette I think was also away.

What were your real thoughts of Brinettes bridal shower?
CK: The food was good.

O-shot or no O-shot? 
CK: No O-shot. I would rather have the real thing!

How’d you get to meet Liz Ogumbo, and are you still getting tips from her?
CK: I met Liz on the show. I am not getting further tips.

Have you since gone back to Soweto?
CK: No I haven't been back to Soweto.

What was the name of the game you gifted to Brinette during her shower?
CK: No Comment

Of all the ladies, who parties the most?
CK: I am certainly the biggest party girl but I think Brinette hangs out the most in clubs from what I hear!

At Lendy’s braai, it got heated between you and Evodia -- what was going through your mind during that argument?
CK: I got very upset because I was in the middle of making an apology for what I believed I had done wrong, and all the girls were interrupting and telling me how I should apologize, and then Madam after I had apologized said "That is not good enough" as if she had not played a part in the conflict at all and it was all my fault. The gang of course supported her. This scene was edited quite substantially.

RHOJ Season 1 Promotional Photo, Photo Credit: 1Magic

At your house, Evodia provoked you by making comments about your music -- do you think that’s what the ladies will usually gun for to get you riled up?
CK: I think they see me as a threat in many ways both on and off screen, and the idea set in with the other housewives that you could get more screen time on the show by insulting me, which was a common theme with these Ladies. My music was an area that they loved to rip apart, even though they had never really seen the true extent of my talent which only really showcased in my single launch episode, of which none of the housewives attended. It was only Lerika, and Olwethu and they are simply friends of the Housewives that attended from the cast. The Housewives had scoffed at my American Awards, and my ranking on the US Top 40 and revealed how cruel and heartless they were, and yet missed out on my final performance in the show where I was likened to Taylor Swift at the 2018 AMA's in terms of my talent by a South African Idol's Judge, Somizi.

You girls still didn’t make it to Naledi’s home, she hasn’t hosted yet?
CK: No! Naledi has never hosted anything on the show. Even if she does not have a big enough place, it would have been decent to host something elsewhere to be hospitable. But I guess that was not important to her!

Not many people showed up for her fashion preview. Do you think she took her frustration out on you? 
CK: Yes, she was very vicious when I commented she was taking too long; she even threatened that I was going to get smacked. It seems that that was all these girls wanted to do.

Do you think when the shop owner and Mercy got into it that the Versace’s over-reacted? 
CK: Yes they totally overreacted! I was standing right next to Mercy when I could sense her dissatisfaction with the dresses in the shop. She then expressed this to the owner and the owner politely answered that she need not feel obliged to take a dress. Mercy could have left it at that but decided to go on and on now insulting the owner, who then walked out and blew a kiss at Mercy.  Mercy at that point started losing it. I then left because I was so shocked at her behavior I didn't want to get involved.  I went to get coffee and came back 10 min later and the argument had further escalated which is when I commented that they were overreacting only to have Evodia attack me pointing fingers at me and verbally assaulting me. To which I replied B....

Photo Credit: 1Magic

Did you ever think it would’ve gotten physical?
CK: No that day started off so well. We were all complimenting each other on our outfits, and it was at a point when we were all getting on well.  I had no idea!  Perhaps it was planned by the Versace's. There are different reports.

When Lerika and Olwethu came over, were they understanding of your plight?
CK: No I got so irate! When you go over to a friend's house who has just been assaulted by mutual friends, at least hear her side of the story and leave the lecture of what she perhaps did wrong in the situation until the dust has settled. They came over the next day, and continually found fault with me without knowing all the facts either!

We've see you make up and break up with Evodia throughout the season, is there ever going to be a truce between you two?
CK: I don't know about that! Maybe she can fly me First Class Emirates to an unknown destination then we can talk !!

How long does it take to shoot the confessional interviews?
CK: Normally it would take a half day shoot depending on how many episodes you were covering.

Since the reunion is coming up, did you choose what you’ll be wearing, and is there a hint you can give us? 
CK: Yes I have my suit of armor prepared, but it is not silver! Think Royalty!!

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