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Emily Simpson Says Her Relationship With Shannon Beador Has Gotten ‘Worst’ Since Filming Ended And Explains Why She Wants To Confront Tamra Judge At The RHOC Reunion!

Emily Simpson is giving an update on her relationship with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Shannon Beador. "If you thought it was bad through filming, now she's blocked me [on social media]!" Emily told TooFab.

Simpson says that to her knowledge, there was not one incident that set Beador off from the time they finished filming Season 13 to the present.

"Maybe she hears things I've supposedly said? Maybe she sees Gina in a confessional call her an asshole, so she just gets mad again? I don't know," Emily said. "I mean, I try not to take those confessionals seriously. I mean, I do to an extent because I need to know what people are saying and be able to address it."

Emily reveals that she and Gina recently ran into Beador at The Quiet Woman restaurant and that Shannon refused to acknowledge them.

"She saw us and flipped out and ran away," Emily said. "We were standing there, and she walked in the door, and I saw her. So I smiled and waved because that's what I do when I see someone I know. You should've seen her face! It was like she saw -- I don't know -- something that scared the crap out of her. She turned, she ran, she didn't wanna be anywhere near us. Her friends had to come over and apologize and say, 'Sorry she acted like that.' I don't understand it. It's very immature behavior, but that's on her."

Simpson also reflected on her husband Shane's confrontation with co-star Kelly Dodd. "The only thing I regret is my choice of words," she said regarding her "I'm gonna f--king kill you!" comment towards Kelly, which Dodd has since forgiven. But not everyone was quick to recover from that fight. Emily said Kelly's "verbal attack" bothered Shane so much that he "refused to film" the show for about three weeks after.

"I couldn't blame him!" she said. "He was like, 'Why would I do this? Why would I subject myself to this?' So it took a while because he was like, 'I'm done.'"

Earlier this season, most of Emily's co-stars questioned her marriage. Now looking back at the ladies commentary about her relationship with husband Shane, Emily admits she was surprised that Tamra Judge was the one who suggest her husband was "controlling."

"I was really surprised at how quickly Tamra brought up my marriage and that my husband was controlling," Emily told TooFab about when the ladies discussed her marriage at Tanners when she left early to spend time with her children. "I just felt like it was a huge leap. I left early to take care of my kids, and all of a sudden, my husband's controlling? I didn't know that conversation had taken place. I knew that Shannon had said something, but I didn't know that Tamra had."

After that scene aired, Emily revealed that she hasn't reached out to Judge, but says "I'll just save it for the reunion." Emily, who is an attorney is looking forward to the upcoming reunion. She reveals to the website that "she has a binder filled with notes on every one of her co-stars, including printouts of their weekly Bravo blogs."

Photo Credit: Bravo