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Danielle Staub Confirms She Is Still Living With Estranged Husband Marty Caffrey!

Danielle Staub’s relationship with Marty Caffrey may be over, but the estranged couple still live together. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star opened up about how “uncomfortable” their current living situation is.

“He doesn’t sleep in the marital bed. We’re roommates for now. Or housemates I should say, not roommates,” she told Us Weekly. “I feel like I have to close my doors … That part is uncomfortable, but it’s gotta be uncomfortable for him too. I just don’t know if he’s as uncomfortable as I am because it seems like he enjoys that in his life. Drama in his life is something that I was shocked to find out.”

Staub adds that the dynamic is “not good.”

“The energy is — it takes a lot from me to now get to a place where I’m a little unrattled,” she explains, noting that Caffrey’s “presence has become one of just habit” now. “He’s not getting to me. We don’t talk, we don’t speak to one another. At the most it’s ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good night.’ But that’s the way it’s been for quite some time.”

As previously reported, Staub and Caffrey tied the knot in front of Bravo cameras in May for the upcoming ninth season of the Bravo hit reality series. However, the two ended their relationship after nearly four months of marriage.

Staub admits that she doesn’t think she is going to watch her wedding when it airs. “I mean I would love to see myself in that beautiful gown,” she told Us Weekly. “Who knows. I don’t know when it airs. I don’t know where I’ll be at. Right now I’m still having this sad stage. Because it’s the end of my marriage. I didn’t even get the honeymoon. I don’t have a good handle on how I’m going to be feeling, even from day to day.”

Photo Credit: Google Images