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Chyka Keebaugh Is Donating Her RHOMelbourne Wardrobe To Help The Homeless!

Chyka Keebaugh, who currently finds herself moving to a new home with her husband Bruce is giving back to the community. The Real Housewives of Melbourne alum, who is an ambassador to Sacred Heart Mission's Women's House Give A Frock campaign for 2018 will donate her wardrobe she wore on the Foxtel hit reality series to homeless women.

"There were [dresses] from Housewives that I was never going to wear again, but I didn't really want to just get rid of them," she told Now To Love. "There's stories behind all of that and I'd love to give it to somebody else to enjoy."

Give A Frock sees Melbourne's fashionable women come together to donate their pre-loved dresses for sale in support of homeless women. The campaign donates the profits made from selling the dresses to Victorians experiencing homelessness.

Chyka reveals that she ended up getting involved after learning that there are more than 22,000 Victorians experiencing homelessness, and nearly 10,000 of these people are women.

"The thing that I'm very passionate about is any charity that involves children and women," she explains. "Hearing those statistics, you think that this is something that's going to decrease - but it's not. That's what I think is really sad, and what we have to change."

The mother-of-two admits she felt encouraged to see women come together to help in this way.

"These dresses, it doesn't have to be the most expensive dress, it doesn't have to be from your wedding or something else, it can just be a dress that you wore on your first date with your now husband, or the day you told your parents you were having a baby," she says. "And that's what I love - knowing that there's a story behind everything. And what was something special to you, can now become something special to somebody else."

Chyka's passion for helping the homeless runs in her family as her sister-in-law, her husband's sister has worked in homeless shelters for 30 years.

"It's actually been a big part of our family. She's pretty extraordinary and would give her left arm to anyone that asked," she told Now To Love. "It's been something that we talk about and I really respect and appreciate what she's gone through and she's told us many stories of seriously sad and tragic situations."

The dresses will be available for the public to purchase from Friday, October 19 at the Prahan Op Shop. CLICK HERE to learn more information about Give A Frock.

Photo Credit: Bravo