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Brandi Glanville Feels ‘Vindicated’ After Actor Made ‘Untrue Allegations’ About Halloween Fight!

UPDATE: Brandi Glanville feels “vindicated” after adamantly denying her involvement in a fight that took place during George Clooney’s Halloween party. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared a screenshot of an email about the incident that reads in part, “You are not a suspect in this case. You are a witness only.”

In the post, Glanville wrote; “I’ve been vindicated. The man who made untrue allegations against me over the weekend has told the police (the hot cop guy) that I absolutely had nothing to do with this incident & that I didn’t attack him in anyway nor was I involved at all. I have had a horrible weekend because of this persons lies & I could possibly be losing a business partnership. #peoplesuck”

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TMZ reported that actor Kobie “DJ K-LUV” Randolph accused Glanville of assaulting him during the Casamigos Halloween party in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday, in which Glanville denied multiple times on social media.

Randolph claimed that after walking into the bash, he ran into his ex girlfriend and Glanville, according to the outlet. The actor reportedly told the cops that the woman punched him in the face and split his lip — and that Glanville attacked him as well.

Meanwhile, Glanville reportedly told the police she was only trying to break up the altercation.

However, Randolph filed a police report for battery against Glanville, although no arrests were made after cops showed up to the party, according to TMZ.

An officer from the Beverly Hills Police Department confirmed to PEOPLE that a battery report was filed on Friday and that no arrests were made, although they were unable to identify who filed the report, or who it was against.

Brandi, who denied attacking Randolph is saying that she didn’t even “see a fight at all and also took to Twitter to share her side of the story while insisting that Kobie's story was all a lie.

"Please leave me out oft this!! @djkluv You walked up to me & your ex girlfriend on the dance floor U2 started talking so I walked away 2  the bar with ur friend. I did not see u get punched & I did not punch u. I'm in no way responsible 4 what happened between U & Ur ex gf," wrote Brandi.

She then tweeted, "I hate liars!" 

In which she followed with, "I didn't hit anyone or see a fight at all!! I didn't know "DJKLUV" end of story @TMZ"

A woman identified as Katrina Chesson on Twitter came to Brandi's defense, saying that "the allegations of Brandi attacking anyone are completely false."

"The allegations of Brandi attacking anyone are compleltey false and on purpose to slander her for his own media attention. I am disgusted to see him get away with being the victim in this. #metoo @TMZ"

She followed with, "Unfortunately an incident occurred Friday night where I felt threatened by a man I felt was harassing me. Brandi had nothing and was nowhere to do with this. @TMZ"

"Thank you for clearing this up! Love you," Brandi responded to Katrina's tweets.

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Photo Credit: Bravo