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Andy Cohen Breaks His Silence On Jeff Lewis’ ‘Flipping Out’ Contact Controversy And Calls Him Out For Slamming Bravo — Jeff Lewis Responds!

Andy Cohen is breaking his silence and is addressing the ongoing controversy surrounding Jeff Lewis' Bravo contract — speaking out on his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live about Lewis publicly expressing his frustration about his contract with Bravo not having been renewed by its Oct. 15 deadline and Flipping Out‘s uncertain future.

“If I were in charge of programming at Bravo at this point, would I pick it up? I don’t know,” Cohen said, according to PEOPLE. “It’s kind of like that Chelsea Handler thing,” Cohen said “Remember when Chelsea Handler was just trashing E! everywhere when she was trying to make a deal with Netflix? Why is E! going to want to make a deal with her when she is trashing the network constantly.”

If you recall, Cohen was less than thrilled with Lewis after he had read text messages allegedly sent by Cohen on his SiriusXM show Jeff Lewis Live. Lewis claimed that Cohen was angry about a photo Lewis posted telling fans his contract wasn’t renewed.

Meanwhile, over 50,000 people have signed an online petition at begging Bravo to renew his Flipping Out contract, which he encouraged fans to do via his social media pages. Many fans have reached out to Cohen via Twitter, begging him to renew Lewis' contract. But Cohen insisted he actually has nothing to do with the show's future. “Don’t tweet me cause I don’t run Bravo programming anymore.”

“The show hasn’t finished airing,” Cohen added. “And even with the [Real] Housewives of New York [City] or the [Real] Housewives of Atlanta, they pick up the show after that season airs. That’s how it works. So I don’ think they’ve decided in any direction whether they want to engage him about picking it up.”

Then, Cohen hinted that Jeff is already considering having the show done by another network and that Lewis recently had a meeting with Netflix.

“Just so you know, if it doesn’t get picked up after this season by Bravo, he had a meeting at Netflix yesterday — he’s desperately trying to get this show on Netflix,” Cohen claimed. “It’ll wind up on Netflix. You’re going to get Flipping Out. The show’s going to get picked up. If it’s not on Bravo, then it’ll be somewhere … It’ll be a similar show. It’ll be a littler inferior if it’s somewhere else, but it’s okay.”

Meanwhile, Lewis fired back at Cohen as he admits he strongly disagrees with Cohen's comments, in particularly accusing him of bashing Bravo, and comparing him to Chelsea Handler. “He said that I am trashing Bravo on my way out and that is not true,” Lewis insisted on his SiriusXM show, Jeff Lewis Live.

“I was very complimentary to Bravo,” he says. “And by the way, if I was trashing Bravo on my way out and trying to burn bridges, why would I then encourage people to sign a petition to keep me on the network? That is not me. I still would like to work with Bravo … I am not dissing Bravo in any form.”

Lewis also cleared that air on Andy's claims that he was “desperately trying to get [Flipping Out] on Netflix.”

“It’s not that I’m desperate to get another show going, I just want to make money for my family.” Lewis said. “Now, I don’t know what that looks like. I’m open to all outcomes. It doesn’t have to be another show, I just want a job — that’s it … I just want to continue to make money and work.”

“I would love to do television but it may be over for me,” Lewis stressed. “And if that is the case, I had an 11 year run and I’m very open to doing anything else.”

Transcript courtesy via PEOPLE

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