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Vicki Gunvalson On Kelly Dodd Confronting Her Boyfriend Steve Lodge: “She Was Trying To Cause Problems When There Wasn’t One”

Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The OG of the OC reacts to Kelly Dodd confronting her boyfriend Steve Lodge.

Vicki writes:

"The golf day ended up with Tamra and I feeling no pain due to that darn golf cart beverage lady. It was great seeing Steve in the clubhouse to pick me up after we were done. I don’t think he was prepared for Tamra’s very direct questions about us getting married, but I think he handled it well, as I expected he would. Steve hadn’t spent much time with Tamra in the past, so he is not familiar with her personality. Steve prefers to be private when it comes to his personal life, not like me, who has had my life flashed all over the television for 13 years. Getting married is a very serious commitment, and we are not going to be rushing into anything, nor are we going to be pressured to do so. We love each other, and “WE” will make that big decision together when the time is right.

Tamra and Shannon have some unresolved issues that I know will get sorted out. They are both really good friends, and although Tamra has a way of communicating differently than Shannon, I think she got her point across. 

I had NO idea that Kelly was going to be so fired up at Tamra’s party. Steve has absolutely no desire to be around Kelly, and I think you could clearly see that in his demeanor. Kelly has been upset with me and accusing me of breaking “girl code.” How this whole social media issue transpired is my friend who was dating Michael briefly spoke to a publicist about her dating Michael. Somehow the article mentioned that “I SET THEM UP," when the fact is Michael had told us he wanted to meet my friend. Steve is the one who organized the BBQ at our house, and that’s where they met for the first time. Steve was merely clarifying this fact. I mean, what is the big deal here? Kelly divorced Michael, and she was already dating (a lot), so why shouldn’t Michael date who he wants? Personally, I think Kelly is mad at herself for throwing her marriage away and now can’t find what she already had. 

So, in case you didn’t see the sentence that was flashed on the screen, this is the statement Steve clarified on social media: 

“Everybody has to move on, right?” he insisted. “He wasn’t looking for a divorce, so why would she care who he’s dating anyway?”

Kelly’s response back to both of us on social media was, “Steve is a douchebag along with his pig of a GF.” OMG what the heck kind of response is that when all he did was make a statement about her ex-husband dating someone else? What was so wrong about this statement? How does that statement hurt Kelly? Her response back was classless and unwarranted.

When Kelly started mouthing off at the party that she had a problem with what Steve said, Steve asked her, “What did I say?” Why couldn’t Kelly answer his simple question? Because the truth is she didn’t know herself. She was trying to cause problems when there wasn’t one. Typical Kelly.

The way Kelly verbally abuses people is alarming and quite frankly scary. I can’t even imagine what Michael went through for 14 years of marriage with her. I’ve witnessed it, as well as others out in public, and it’s frightening. When Shane asked her if she was drunk and she said that was her first drink, I didn’t believe it. Maybe the first drink at Tamra’s. She came in to the party looking for a fight, and when Steve didn’t play along, she picked a fight with Shane instead. I mean, who acts that way at someone’s home? She called Shane a “little bitch,” and she acted like she didn’t know who he was when they had just met 30 minutes prior. Her outburst was classic Kelly. If you have seen past episodes, there is no surprise in her irrational behavior.

Although I didn’t agree with Emily saying she wanted to “kill Kelly,” I can see why Emily was so upset. Just as Tamra had said, when someone talks crap about your husband/partner, “GAME ON.” Kelly had no reason to go up to Steve or for that matter attack Shane over this. Kelly should have never brought this up at Eddie’s party. It wasn’t the time or place. Kelly was obviously looking for drama, so why did she bring up an issue that had already been resolved?  It's time for Kelly to find something else to talk about—how about herself—and leave me out of her drama. I think she’s looking for attention and sympathy but is going about it the wrong way.

As a side note that most of you aren’t aware of, during the time her ex-husband Michael dated my friend, it lasted less than two months, and I think we had seen them together maybe two or three times. I asked Michael if he had told Kelly (like he said he was going to), and he said no and that he would if the relationship progressed. He said nothing good will come from it and quite frankly it wasn’t any of her business who he was dating. This happened during the holidays while Kelly was in Aspen for almost a month and wasn’t even around. Kelly is living in her own world, she is traveling and doing what she wants to do and is not concerned one bit on what Michael is doing, until it suits her. 

So here we are at the end of this episode with a pit in my stomach. As I have said multiple times, I am NOT good with conflict, and I want this thing with Kelly and I resolved once and for all. I thought it was, but I guess she wants to continue it. I care for Kelly a lot and wish her the very best with her life. I don’t like socializing or being around people who can’t control their temper, which clearly Kelly is struggling with. I think Kelly’s anger comes down to one issue, which is Steve and I have a friendship with Michael and spend our time with him and not her. Stay tuned."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo