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Ronnie Negus Fires Back At Online Haters And Shares Behind-The-Scenes RHOV Secrets!

During a recent Instagram post on RealHousewives_2018, Ronnie Negus shared some interesting behind-the-scene secrets from her time on The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Also, the former reality star also fired back at her haters for accusing her of being a bully on the now cancelled Slice reality series.

"I was Not A bully and normally would not respond to such nonsense. Did I drink too much ...Yes. ! But to call me a bully is ridiculous. I didn’t know Jody Claman or who she was before we started filming. I had never heard of her. Naturally because we both lived on the same side of Lions Gate bridge production would have us ride to all events together in the same limo for financial reasons of not sending a separate limo for each housewife," she responded to a fan after accusing her of being a bully.

She continued: "Jody “Tried to Align with me” because she knew she [couldn't] get away with treating me like Sh*t! And because she likes to align with wealth. Mary then continued to push that we were best friends for the mere fact that the public didn’t necessarily like Jody or her behavior. I tried not to take sides get along with everyone and run my own race. I will Never apologize for being a bully because I have never bullied anyone in my life. But I will say that I had a problem with alcohol and when I drank you never knew what you were going to get. It’s hard to watch the moments and I am certainly not proud of them. I help multiple people around the world get and stay sober and so some good did come from it. I was also desperately trying to cope with my child Remy who “NEARLY” died before season 2 Remy was pronounced clinically dead on arrival. They got her heart going ever so slightly and she went into a coma and Life Support. So before you or anyone really wants to throw stones or cast opinions, just remember you see what production wants you to see. In closing , we film 5000 hours and 11 hours make TV. They are going for the dirt and that is what airs. I have not seen Mary or Jody since we stopped filming but I wish every one of my cast mates love health and happiness I do not harbor hatred or resentment for anyone as it is only a slow death. Three things cannot be long hidden The Sun ☀️ the Moon 🌙 and the Truth. Buddha.

Then Ronnie revealed some behind-the-scenes RHOV secrets involving Mary Zilba and Robin Reichman, "Yes. Have you ever tried to stop drinking. It’s a journey. Robin gave me an Ativan have you ever drank on one ? Production told me to say I must have been drugged. I complied. Shouldn’t have. I clearly knew what Robin gave me. For instance, the infamous tea party. Jody tears Mary apart. They show me standing there and doing nothing !!! What didn’t air is that I put my arms around Mary took her out of there consoled her and we went for dinner. The next day hey made me film with Jody. Again not going to continue to defend myself. If people do not get “editing” to create a show full of drama then you don’t get it. Have a great day !"

Ronnie then denied being jealous of former bestie and co-star Mary Zilba. "I'm not remotley jealous of Mary," said Ronnie. "Or any of the cast. Ridiculous."

She added: "Maybe Jody was jealous of her. Nobody else was !"

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