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NeNe Leakes Shares An Update After Her Husband Gregg Undergoes Surgery For Cancer; Says He Is “Doing Really, Really Well”

NeNe Leakes' husband Gregg Leakes is recovering after undergoing a 5-hour surgery for his cancer treatment. The exact procedure — along with which form of cancer he’s been battling — has been kept private for now, according to PEOPLE.

Prior to surgery, NeNe had asked fans on Instagram to keep Gregg in their thoughts.

“My hunni is having what we hope and pray is his last surgery towards a full recovery today!” she wrote. “It will be a long surgery so we are asking you to pray for the surgeon’s hands, pray for Gregg’s comfort please! Prayers, strength, peace and kindness for myself, his children and family during this time! Amen (come on pray warriors🙌🏾).”

She later did an Instagram Live, showing Gregg’s hospital bed being wheeled into his room after surgery, where his family and friends were waiting. “The hard part is over,” said NeNe, according to PEOPLE. “Now it’s time to heal.”

Back at home on Tuesday, she told her followers in another Instagram Live that “Gregg is doing really, really well” though had asked for no visitors on Wednesday so he could “reset and get himself together.”

“His surgery was very long — longer than we expected. He came out of surgery about 7:45 p.m. last night,” NeNe said. “He’s doing really good. He looked amazing when he came out of surgery, actually. He looked really, really good.”

“Today he’s really, really, really, really sore, so he’s not doing much of anything,” she continued, explaining that he was still getting fluids through an IV. “He’s super sore. … Other than that, he’s doing really, really well.”

Gregg is expected to remain in the hospital “until he can get up and start moving around,” NeNe said. “I’m thinking he will probably be there the week. Hopefully sooner he can come home. … Keep praying for Gregg. He’s going to be home soon.”

NeNe ended her Instagram Live by thanking her “unbelievable” fans for their prayers.

“I need all the prayers I can get,” said NeNe, according to PEOPLE. Gregg and I as a couple, we’ve literally been through everything a couple could possibly go through. The key word is through, because we got through it. I just don’t think there’s anything that Gregg and I haven’t been through. … We’ve experienced it.”

“At a time like this, this is when you really have to think back to the vows you took. Sickness and health… these vows are really showing up right now,” she concluded.

Photo Credit: Bravo