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LeeAnne Locken To D’Andra Simmons: “Corrections- I Did Not Tell “People” How Much Money You Had, I Told Cary!”

LeeAnne Locken is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne Locken opens up about her issues with D'Andra Simmons.

LeeAnne writes:

"Welcome back to Dallas where we will now begin calling it Double Standard Dallas because of Double Standard D'Andra Simmons!

Give me 2 seconds to laugh with Kam that she didn’t know if you get the car first or the bags! DANG, I love her!!!

When I went to have coffee with Mrs. Lock I was excited to share with her what I thought was a tremendous potential for our group to get vulnerable and real with one another! My Smashing Good Time Party was about coming together not growing apart! Instead of listening to what I am saying she takes the first opportunity she can to poke jokes at meditation and my past anger. So I had to EXPLAIN meditation and the actual THERAPEUTICAL PROCESS of Smashing Things! Seriously y’all! Google it! And NO GIRL, no one was gonna "throw plates at your head" so why even put that out in the universe? Oh, that's right, to continue the mission of explaining to the world how you are so much better than everyone. Got it! So when I asked what THE PLAN is to take HNGM on your own, I got a lot of mumbo-jumbo about starting over, how scary it is, blah blah blah. I asked what your PLAN was. Kinda like a nicer version of how you DEMANDED to know what my Wedding Plans are.

So growing up with a silver spoon in your mouth means you want everyone else to take care of you all while claiming that you are doing it? See how I am learning what it means to be a #BossBabe. When I told her she was lazy what I should have said was YOU ARE SCARED! You have the same fear of starting from scratch that I had of getting married. Wouldn’t it have been easier for us to lean on each other and help one another rather than you attacking me? Guess not.

So its’ "condescending" when I give you actual friendly advice, aka tough love (noticed I called no one a bitch or demanded anything) but when D'Andra does it it’s all love. THAT is where the DS Double Standards begin! She has NO IDEA what "household expenses" I pay for because we have never discussed it. Believe me, I pay my fair share of our way because we are a team. And please don’t tell me how -you pay for your household expenses when you don’t even know how much they are! Your step-father left you enough money to take care of your home and lifestyle for the rest of your life, you aren’t "earning" it!

OMG! Did she just say "You want your girlfriends to listen, you don’t want your girlfriends to lecture you" to me? I have two words for you…. Beaver Creek! Oh and thank you for comparing me to your mother, and actual #bossbabe.

In comes Steve Kemble to turn my DS crap show into butterflies and rainbows! Seriously I love this man! Did you see the super sweet wedding planner notebook he made with our picture on it? What I love about Steve is he will ask me what we need to accomplish and then he GETS IT DONE! I told him we need to figure out a month and year and that what I got! Steve Kemble is a wedding planner/problem solver! When he said to start thinking about the number of people it hit me, I really do have a LOT of work to do! Thank God for Steve Kemble! Follow along with our wedding plans on twitter at @rich_wedding IT’S ALL SO EXCITING!!!

Watching Cary Deuber and D'Andra’s sit down made things very clear to me. D'Andra walks in with the intention of being stressed out, sad D'Andra, she even cries, UNTIL Cary tells her about the moment I went to Cary for help! Then suddenly, IT ALL STOPS. We went from Cary having to wipe your tears to a very odd laughter that just takes over and then the denying begins. So if you have FIVE bank accounts and you shovel money around WHY were you FREAKING OUT in Beaver Creek?

Let me clear with you about what happened in BC when I went to Cary. DAndra came back from Vail drunk and crying about how much money she had to put on the company, her mother's company, credit card. She was freaking out at how mad her mom was going to be at her. Then she blurted out that she only had $200 in her bank account and she was totally stressed out. At that point, what I thought would be a “good friend” aka smart move was to go to Cary, with whom I was developing a friendship and ask for her to HELP ME to HELP D'Andra return some of the items to the store. Sadly, I was too tired to think about how I said things so I told the truth. “she is in her room right now crying because she spent too much money and she only has $200 in her bank account and will you help me get what we can return?” is exactly what I asked of Cary. I did not say it in a condescending way or making fun of her way! I said it in a help me, help her way! Was this how it was repeated? Guess we will find out soon enough.

In the sit down what I don’t understand is the word "humiliating." Why is it humiliating to only have $200 in a bank account? I have had much less than that in my lifetime! This is where the cracks of D'Andras truth start showing. This saddens me. I was never her friend because she had money! I never asked for a dime the entire time we were friends! Money doesn’t make a friendship, honesty does!

What a real blessing Travis and Stephanie Hollman are going to be for so many employees! Kudos to you guys for paying it forward!

I wore the costume to the Anger Room to visually show our group how much we all at times HIDE our true selves by either not speaking up and stating an opinion. Watching the car ride with Brandi Redmond & D'Andra is hilarious. They are both trying so hard to talk crap about me and my party but for what reason? For Brandi to make fun of this actually unique form of therapy shows you how unwilling she is to just accept that I am still a part of this group. That is sad to me. Then WAIT! What did D'Andra just say? That’s right, I REPEATED EXACTLY what she TOLD ME. If it was just her “shopping account” WHY were you SO STRESSED OUT? You can’t HAVE MONEY and be stressed about SPENDING MONEY you don’t have! Double Standards.

Now hold up, why are both Brandi and D'Andra saying I am insecure about MY finances? I have worked HARD my whole life! I am not insecure about my finances at all. This is an insightful moment of them bonding over BS about me! Keep making stuff up! Neither of you has any CLUE how much money I do or do not have, which is why this moment is laughable!

When Donna walks in to give us the guidelines of how to get ready and what we can and can not do, D'Andra kept interrupting her and it really started to upset me because she was genuinely trying to help us. Once Donna leaves and I share my vulnerable thoughts about the party and what I hope we can accomplish of course D'Andra wastes no time attacking. When I reply to her "I will let you have that" I’m saying- YES! I have seen you be fake! I have watched you do that for the entirety of our "friendship." After trying to speak several times only to be TALKED OVER I thought, ok! You need this moment more than me obviously so TALK GIRL!

Corrections- I did not tell “people” how much money you had, I told Cary! Then she says almost exactly what I said- “Oh D'Andra came back from shopping and she is so upset because I had $200 in my bank account”. THAT IS THE TRUTH! Then it gets blown out of proportion to “everybody in Dallas says D'Andra has $200 to her name”, then there is that word again, humiliating. I just don’t get it. Then the tears. So while I am trying to explain it to her, she doesn’t want to listen. She doesn’t care what was actually said because the drama has taken her over and that is so much more important right now. She isn’t actually sad, she is just loving the attention and hoping to make everyone hate on me.

Then words of wisdom from Brandi … "It shouldn't be humiliating. I grew up in a trailer.” Me too Brandi! For several years! You see how we could actually connect on some level to try and help her? I can dream!

WAIT, WHAT? Did D'Andra just say in her confessional that she is “having financial trouble right now” again, I am SO CONFUSED! You have money? You don’t have money? You aren’t in financial trouble? You are in financial trouble? MY GOD I’M DIZZY!

Then Cary sheds light on the TRUTH! When I came to her asking for help it wasn’t said in a "haha" manner and she says, "Of course not! I told her that! I told her I wanted to check on her." Okay, so if we are BOTH just trying to check on or help our friend WHY is this coming back this way?

NOW let’s smash some shit! I loved what everyone wrote on their plates because it really showed an insiight into each of us! All I ever wanted! What did I learn, that Brandi and D'Andra are overly exhausted and it is making them overly emotional. Not being able to see that in this moment makes me sad because I would have truly wanted to help them both! It is a reminder that if we don’t ASK how people are doing we will NEVER know!

This whole I am jealous of D'Andra & Brandi’s friendship is silly and ridiculous. Did I tell D'Andra to be careful, YES! I am not denying that. But did I tell her not to be friends with anyone, NO! Go back and listen to D'Andra say it again. “You should make your own decisions on who you are friends with” THANK YOU! The truth has set me FREE!

It’s sad to Brandi lose it at the end because she is honestly emotionally exhausted. I’ve been there! What confuses me is that D'Andra not once DEFENDED BRANDI. She never opened her mouth to say - the k-cup was my choice, which it was.

Well that's about all I can take for this week. Dust off the drama and get some sleep cause next week it’s gonna be a DOOZY!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo