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Jerry O’Connell’s Yelp Review Of Tom Tom Is A Must Read For All Bravo Fans!

Jerry O’Connell recently hit up Lisa Vanderpump and Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval‘s new bar and restaurant Tom Tom, The actor wrote a hilarious Yelp review for the West Hollywood eatery hot spot.

The actor kicked off his five-star review on Sunday, September 2, gushing that he and his party were “blown away,” before getting into the nitty gritty. He praised the drinks, which were served quickly “and stiff with a wink and a smile,” noted that “everyone is so cool, like not un-cool,” the design that “transports you to another world,” the “beautifully” plated apps, and more, according to Us Weekly.

Then, he really showed off his Bravo smarts and proof that he’s a fan of the network's shows. “I had a SEXY SALAD,” he wrote, referencing owner Lisa’s penchant for sexiness in her establishments. He then went on to allude to the fight about “pasta” between former BFFs James Kennedy and Lala Kent that aired in January, and reunion host Andy Cohen‘s 2012 book: “Someone else at our table got the pasta and it was amazing but it is not just about the pasta. As the night goes on, a line does form outside, like a book signing for Most Talkative.”

Jerry then mentioned all of his celeb sightings while at the venue: “Rebecca Romijn, Stassi, Schwartzy and Kate ALL BEAUTIFUL AND GRACIOUS.” He wrapped up his review with the post script “Congrats LaLa!” in reference to the Vanderpump Rules star’s September 1 engagement.

Meanwhile, Tom Schwartz was blown away by O'Connell’s review. “When @mrjerryoc said he was going to give us 5 [stars] on yelp, I figured it was a figure of speech. This is getting framed,” he shared on Instagram with a screenshot of the review. “Honored to have you and @rebeccaromijn in the house @tomtom! Now I’m almost fully convinced I’m dreaming or in a simulation. Still trying to wake up.”

Photo Credit: Bravo