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Gina Kirschenheiter: “If The Other Women Don’t Understand My Decision That’s Their Problem, Not Mine”

Gina Kirschenheiter is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gina Kirschenheiter opens up about her divorce and reacts to Vicki Gunvalson's "lack of moral compass" comment. Vicki described you as "nonchalant" about divorce. Do you think that's accurate?
Gina Kirschenheiter: I am absolutely NOT nonchalant about my divorce. I did not wake up one day and just say, "Today is the day I will get divorced." That is ridiculous. I just haven't shared this part of my life with the other women. It is extremely private, it is extremely emotional, and it is extremely real. It's not something I would casually discuss with a new group of women that I am getting to know over a bowl of pasta.

It’s ridiculous to think I would enter into this group and just dump my deepest most personal struggles on them. Matt is my family. My loyalty is always to my family NO MATTER WHAT. He is the father of my children. I will not bash him to a group of women. He is a hero to my children. They deserve that, and I will not take that from them. If you can end a relationship and still have love and respect for the person, why not keep it that way? Obviously opening up to Vicki has prompted a response of immediate judgment and ridicule. Not only is she non-understanding, but she doesn't even try to see my standpoint at all. If the other women don't understand my decision that’s their problem, not mine. If they want to believe something else is going on, so be it. I cannot be concerned with the negative judgments of others regarding on my life. I will make my own decisions for my own family, and I will stand by them. Vicki doesn't understand my decision. It was super disappointing to not be heard. What do you think about Vicki's comments regarding your lack of "moral compass"?
GK: I pretty much said what I had to say that night. She sounded like an idiot. It was a stupid thing to say. I mean it was obviously just on a basic level cruel to tell a girl going through a hard time that she has no morals. That's just mean. But on a deeper level, it just makes no sense. I am here telling you I am making a decision for my family based off of love and respect and doing what I need to in order to keep that love and respect in my family life, and you're telling me my morals are off. You would think that someone who has gone through several divorces would be the most compassionate for my situation. I really thought Vicki would have been more supportive and understanding in this situation, and I was left in total shock. It was beyond insulting and hurtful. What made you want to call Matt at that moment?
GK: I felt like my family was under attack. I didn't like it. I just needed the person who has always had my back for 11 years to continue to do that. Going forward, I will still call Matt when I am upset or need a pep talk, because he is my best friend!!!!!! Just because we don't have a romantic connection or work as a couple does not mean we don't work as friends. So everyone is just gonna have to accept that and get the hell over it.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo