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Ester Dee Plans To Open A Restaurant In Cheshire Called Esteraunt!

Ester Dee has revealed she plans to open her own restaurant chain - she plans on calling it Esteraunt. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, who joined the the show in the fifth series admits that her ex-husband is willing to help her amid their divorce.

“I’m still divorcing my husband, but he has said he will back me up with cash to help me with the business. He say I should do something with my life and I do love food. I’m thinking Greek food, but after discussing what people like it may be mediterranean or even vegetarian. But it will be hard to have a menu without a piece of meat on,” she told Manchester Evening News.

“My idea was a champagne bar, with drinks but it won’t earn any money. Because in this industry you need to serve food to earn the money,” she continued. “I like the name Esteraunt - it’s a little bit cheeky and different. I’m going around feeding, feeding, feeding people. And I get their feedback on what they think.”

Ester reveals that it has been harder than she thought to find the right location and right concept - the blonde bombshell admits she's currently looking in Wilmslow and Prestbury.

“I look in Wilmslow and Prestbury. I thought you open a restaurant, you need about £40,000 to start it up but I think it maybe more than that. I will design the menu and be in the restaurant full time, but I wouldn’t do the cooking. My dad has a restaurant in Czech Republic, so there is a little bit in me,” she told Manchester Evening News. “I used to work in fish and chip shop so I know that industry. I need to set something for my future for my daughter and for my mum. Hopefully people would come and nosy around, meet me and eat and drink.”

“For a long time it was all about Ester, Ester, Ester, but I feel I’ve finally found my place in the group so I can sit back a little bit. We’re all very comfortable with each other. I’m no longer the new girl,” she added. “The new girls are very loud and opinionated, and that’s what we like.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe