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Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Will Get His Wages Garnished To Pay Off Casino Debt!

Dorit Kemsley's husband Paul Kemsley is reportedly going to get his wages garnished due to a massive casino debt. According to The Blast, a judge has ruled that the Las Vegas casino the Bellagio can start garnishing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband’s wages to pay back the debt.

Court documents have revealed that a Las Vegas judge granted the Bellagio’s plea for a court judgement after Paul defaulted on a settlement agreement relating to the huge debt he owed.

The order noted that “garnishment and execution” can begin, meaning the Bellagio can now go after any income or assets in Paul’s possession.

As previously reported, Paul filed for chapter 15 bankruptcy in 2012, claiming to be $10 million to $50 million in debt. He reported having $1 million to $10 million in assets at the time.

The businessman revealed that he was involved in a foreign bankruptcy case as well, and wanted it to be recognized as a main proceeding in the extensive filing obtained by Radar Online.

“The property crash led to the failure of my property development group, ‘Rock,'” Paul wrote in the docs back then. “Following this collapse, the income I have been able to generate has not been sufficient to service and repay my creditors. I have existed largely by borrowing from friends and family.”

But the Las Vegas casino sued Paul back in 2013, claiming he had failed to make a payment over a $3.6 million casino marker.

The Blast reported that Kemsley had made a few payments of $875,000 but then filed for bankruptcy in the U.K. and was able to get his debt wiped clean.

Then the Bellagio fought that, contending they were never notified and that the order from the U.K. wasn’t valid. Paul paid back $575,000 more dollars of his debt, but still owed over $2 million due to interest.

Paul and the casino had a settlement agreement in place, but the Bellagio alleged that he stopped making payments in May. Now, the court has ruled they can seize his assets to collect on their money.

Photo Credit: Getty Images