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Brandi Redmond Says It “Felt Good About Moving On” With D’Andra Simmons And Kameron Westcott!

Brandi Redmond is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi Redmond talks about moving on with Kameron Westcott and D'Andra Simmons.

Brandi writes:

"First, I want to thank Kameron Westcott and the Westcott family for the fabulous trip to Beaver Creek. It was truly a winter wonderland and whirlwind. Lol.

As you saw, I felt that I needed to address Kameron so there wasn’t any awkwardness between us moving forward. So I felt as if I should tell her how I felt and I’m glad I did. Kameron was unaware of how a closed adoption works and knowledge is everything so at least we can sweep this into the snow and be done with it.

On to D'Andra Simmons, I was shocked that she shared that she too is ADD and takes medication for this. To my understanding, she truly feels that people abuse the medication while others truly need it. I agree, and I really don’t want to harp on this any longer. I felt good about moving on. DAndra is so much fun and really likes to have a good time. This is a side of her I’m loving and now we officially have a drink: #spitfire combining tequila and fireball. So cheers to this new friendship.

Later that evening, there was a brawl over who is the queen. Not going to lie, it was intense, but the most ridiculous fight. So I decided that we should put them in a pageant. I was so happy Kameron was in. I obviously laughed so hard and I will say LeeAnne Locken should have probably been the winner but you know pageants are political and I went for the underdog for her humor and very impressive and creative talent. Hercules to both ladies and thank you for participating. However, I started to feel bad for LeeAnne and the pressure of setting a date. I do think that this is something that is sacred to her and we are all just curious. D'Andra uses tough love with her but I think LeeAnne has just hit a breaking point so it makes me also feel that there may be something she’s not sharing or telling us...

Thank you again for tuning in and we will see you next week"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo