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Vicki Gunvalson: “I Never Asked For Gina’s Opinion”

Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The OG of the OC talks about her sitdown with Kelly Dodd and reveals she doesn't care about newbie Gina Kirschenheiter's opinion.

Vicki writes:

"Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying the season so far.

You are now getting to know Gina and Emily a little bit more. First let me tell you my thoughts on Gina, and then I’ll move onto Emily.

I don’t know about you, but I see a huge red flag with Gina's marriage. If I were Gina, I’d want to be with my husband while I was raising my small kids. And if I decided to move across country for my husband’s career, why would I choose to live apart? Matt chose to live one hour north of OC in LA while she chose to live in South Orange County. It doesn’t make sense to me. If they made that big sacrifice to move across country together, why would they chose to live apart? Anytime I asked Gina, she kind of blew it off like it was no big deal, and we all wondered what was really going on.

Now, onto the dinner at Farmhouse. I had just met Gina for the first time that night, and for her to have ANY opinion on my friendship with Michael, my friend Teri (who he briefly dated), and us going on a few dates with them is shocking. Gina has no idea that when Kelly divorced Michael, Steve and I chose to remain friends with him too. As far as we could tell, they just grew apart and were choosing to be cordial to one another, which made it easy on us, because to us, being friends with both of them was the right thing. Before Gina started “giving her opinion” at the dinner table, she should have heard both sides, which she hadn’t. It’s obvious Kelly had filled her in on “her side” of the Michael story, which is why Gina acted the way she did. I never asked for Gina’s opinion on this personal matter with Kelly and Michael, and quite frankly I don’t care what she thinks. She was very loud yelling across the table, and I think completely out of line.

Steve and I did not feel it necessary to “pick sides” in Kelly and Michael’s divorce, and truthfully it’s none of Kelly’s business who we go out with. Actually, Eddie had said the same thing in last week's episode: “No one is going to tell me who I can talk to or who I can hang out with.” We chose to remain neutral with both Kelly and Michael, and during that time, Michael came over for holidays and family gatherings whenever he wanted to. I had not “hung out" with Kelly during the holidays, nor did she EVER come over to hang out like Michael did. Kelly was travelling to NYC, Aspen, MX, LA, and everywhere in between, dating multiple people, and we didn’t see much of each other during that time. I did not think Kelly would mind one bit that Michael was seeing someone, and I surely didn’t think it was my responsibility to fill her in. Actually, at the dinner I had with Kelly and Jolie the week prior, she said, “I hope Michael gets a girlfriend.” If that was her true feeling, why would she be upset we went out with them a few times? Who cares? She’s looking for attention.

Just a reminder on what I said in tonight’s episode, which was Michael and his girlfriend at the time BOTH asked me NOT to tell Kelly they had been seeing each other. I honored their request, as Michael said he would tell her if they got serious. They dated a few months and are no longer seeing each other, so to me, Kelly and her tears are just a way for her to get that attention she has been looking for. She could give a “rat's a--” if Michael is dating, so her tears are quite concerning.

When Kelly and I met for coffee on tonight’s episode, we ended it by hugging for a little. Then…only a few hours later when I met with everyone at Farmhouse, she brought it up again. I was shocked. When she told me “respect is earned” and I said “I demand respect,” it's an interesting topic in itself. When you have children, when you work for a company and have a boss, when you are married, have parents, I believe we need to give respect and ask for respect. Is that earned or just given? Giving respect before it is “earned” is the way I was raised, and that’s the way I raised my children. When Kelly brought it up again at night, I truly believe she was looking for people to take her side that evening with the ladies. What the heck?!

I consider Kelly as one of my dearest friends and never thought she would get so emotional about this topic of Michael dating. If I could turn back the clock, I would have told Michael to discuss this with Kelly right away and keep me out of it. I also would have also told Kelly of my intentions of hanging with him and my friend Teri, and maybe she wouldn’t have been so emotional. Who knows, but if I could do anything differently, that is what I would have done differently.

Now onto Emily. What the heck is going on with her asking her 5-7-year-old daughter advice about talking to her father about something important. Did anyone else think that was awkward? I don’t know why she is questioning Shane if he is going to take the bar exam in CA. If he wants to do it, I think he will do it on his own terms. For me, I see it not being important to him, so the last thing she should do is to pressure him.

It was fun seeing Shannon showing her daughters her new Real for Real Cuisine. I’m super proud of Shannon and her tenacity to make a career for herself. I wish her the very, very best in her new life.

We have a long season ahead of us, so stay tuned to see how this all unfolds."

What do you think about Vicki’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo