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Stephanie Hollman Teases ‘Intense’ RHOD Season 3 Drama And Explains How She And LeeAnne Locken Became Friends!

Stephanie Hollman is spilling the tea about the upcoming third season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. The blonde beauty admits this is the first season where she isn't as nervous as past seasons and admits this this the first season where she is friends will every single cast member.

"This is the first year that I'm friends with every single one of the women, which is nice" she told Entertainment Tonight. "And I used to go in to group events and I felt like I was having a mini panic attack and this year I was actually enjoying everybody."

Stephanie then addresses her new friendship with LeeAnne and explains why she decided to giver her a second chance. "I will say this year I saw a side of LeeAnne that I have never seen before, she really tried with me and I appreciate it that," she shared.

"At an event at D'Andra we ended up sitting next to each other and we really had a good conversation about what we both struggled with - we both have stuggled in the past with depression and this made me look at her differently."

"Like I saw a piece of  myself in her and maybe she saw a piece of herself in me," she continued. "Love her of hate her, I do feel like she really worked on herself this year. She had setback? Yes, but I do feel like she in the core is someone who wants to change."

While she and LeeAnne have called it truce, her bestie Brandi Redmond and Locken are still feuding and Hollman reveals that her bestie was not bothered by her new friendship with LeeAnne despite their ongoing feud.

"The one thing I can say about Brandi that I appreciate is that she never once made me like I had to choose, which is nice - not everyone does that," she explained.

Hollman teases that the drama on the show will still be bigger than Texas. "There were times whenever I was standing in the room with the women and I left not believing what I witnessed," adding "there were times when even I was shocked."

Stephnanie then teases and sums up the season as "intense" because there are "issues that happen with women that you don't expect and they are raw and they're real."

She adds, "People who are good friends are fighting, and it's different how relationships change."

Photo Credit: Bravo