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LeeAnne Locken: “I Genuinely Look Forward To The Journey To Get To Know Stephanie!”

LeeAnne Locken is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne Locken talks about bonding with Stephanie Hollman about their mutual struggle with depression.

LeeAnne writes:

"YeeeeHaaaw! Welcome back to my personal style of TRUTH! Southern Style!

The best part of celebrating the Lock's anniversary was the chance to finally connect on a human level with Stephanie Hollman. When she told me about her attempt at suicide, I just wanted to let her know she wasn’t alone! Our mutual struggle with depression gave us a safe place to connect and communicate and relate to each other on a deeper level. Sometimes in the most broken parts of ourselves is where others can find the most beauty!

I want to take a moment and say, if you struggle with depression, anger, any kind of painful struggle PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE before you decide to try and end the pain. I promise tomorrow can be better and there are people who will not only miss you but deeply love you! No one is ever completely alone! If you think you are - tweet me, I’ll be there! I want you to know that YOU ARE WORTHY OF HAPPINESS & LOVE! I genuinely look forward to the journey to get to know Stephanie! It’s nice to be zen and hopeful! Especially the part where we make asses of ourselves together! LOL.

Dear LORD! It’s no one's business but ours when and where we are getting married. I love and respect Jeremy so much. He is so mature about how to handle things and I just keep hoping some of that will rub off on his wife. The people who need to know, have the information! The anniversary party was winding down and when I saw Brandi Redmond walking in, Dee looked at me and immediately escaped the building. I think she thought the same thing I did: I don’t want to deal with drama tonight! Every time I see Brandi, I think…. here it comes. Guess she had it right at "Barf!”

Watching Stephanie Hollman convince Brandi to include both myself and D'Andra Simmons just goes to show what a kind heart she has. And she is right, not inviting us would have only created more drama than it would be worth. I think Stephanie is a really good influence on Brandi. Teaching her that extending an olive branch gets you a lot further than a roadblock.

Now let’s have a little lesson in Southern Class. In the South, women are raised to respect the women who raised us. It is a tradition and considered an honorable way to behave so I would have NEVER have spoken to my grandmother the way I just witnessed Dee’s daughter not only “go at” her to her face but worse, behind her back! LAWDY!

EXCITING NEWS! I am developing a multi-functional dress to answer the age-old question, "What should I wear tonight?" In another life, I used to create concepts for “Do It Yourself” type TV shows and was constantly brainstorming on unique concepts and creations. This dress is a concept I developed years ago and over the summer I came across my notes and thought, “Now is the PERFECT time to work on this project!" This is the ULTIMATE Little Black Dress that can be worn 175 ways! How cool is that? One dress can be the answer to so many event wardrobe dilemmas! I’m just so excited about the thought of making another woman’s life easier. You don't need to buy 175 dresses. Let's spend that money on SHOES!

Stephanies' home is magnificent and the party was perfection. Now let’s see if next week we can make it through this event without earth-shattering DRAMA! Anyone wanna place bets?"

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The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesday nights at 9pm/8c only on Bravo. For International TV Listings click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo