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Lauri Peterson Claims Cops Fired ‘Pepper Bullets’ At Her Son Josh Waring In Prison!

Lauri Peterson alleged that Orange County Sheriff’s deputies fired pepper bullets at her son, Josh Waring, at an Orange County jail. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star claimed her imprisoned son nearly “choked” and “suffocated” from the mistreatment.

Now, Waring’s attorney is fighting back and demanding County and Sheriff’s officials to release tapes of the incident.

Waring appeared in Orange County Superior Court on Thursday, July 26, where Waring’s motion to dismiss the case was heard.

Peterson revealed that her son Josh has been continuously and unfairly targeted by deputies inside the jail. She claimed it was in the middle of the night on June 24 when deputies fired pepper bullets at the area of the county jail where her son was sleeping.

“He was hit with at least six pellets on his body,” Peterson told Radar Online. “When it hit, the pellets released mace. He became violently ill, and it nearly choked and suffocated him to death. He was able to get a washcloth and put it over his nose, but he was very ill. He received no medical treatment and no one was called to help him.”

During Thursday’s hearing, Waring’s attorney, Joel Garson, asked the court to order the County of Orange and the Sheriff’s Department to release at least 10 hours of video footage taken inside the county jail from June 24 to June 28.

An attorney for the county asked the judge to quash Garson’s subpoena because she said it is not relevant to Waring’s motion to dismiss his attempted murder case. She added the subpoena was insufficient because it didn’t spell out clearly why the video is relevant to the motions they were arguing about.

Garson said he believes deputies purposely fired the pepper bullets at his client as retaliation, and added Waring’s case has uncovered various “careless errors” made by the Sheriff’s Department. “It shows the consciousness of guilt of the Sheriff’s Department,” Garson claimed to the court.

Prosecutor John Maxwell objected to the release of the videos, but declined to comment about the pepper bullet shooting incident. The judge said he would consider both sides’ arguments and issue an order.

Peterson, who sat in the courtroom audience, revealed that she is at awe with her son’s resilience. The former Bravo reality star said although her son has had problems with drugs throughout his young life, he is not violent and would never harm another person.

Lauri added claims by Sheriff detectives that her son stabbed another inmate in jail is completely false, especially since he is alone in a cell and is separated from other inmates. She said the stabbing actually occurred in the cell next to her son’s.

“He got placed into solitary confinement for that … for something he did not do,” Peterson told Radar Online. “For them to release reports that he stabbed someone is defamation of character.”

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