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Karen Huger: “Gizelle’s Cruel Treatment My Family Over The Past Year, I Continue To Question Her Sincerity”

Karen Huger is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen Huger dishes on Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 reunion and explains why she decided to walk off from reunion stage. You clashed with quite a bit - Why would you never be with Ashley alone?
Karen Huger: My relationship with Ashley has always been strained and never close. Unfortunately, her recent attacks on my family and others in our friendship circle has proven her to be a very dangerous person. Ashley continuously attacks the reputation and livelihood of her friends without verification of facts. Ashley has a reputation for taking what someone has told her - not anything she has personally witnessed - and regurgitating tall tales and fables as though they were TRUTH. Ashley has done this repeatedly without compassion or pause; never caring about the pain and suffering she is inflicting on others. The nonstop barrage of personal attacks for no reason is unacceptable. It is very true, hurt people, hurt people. While Ashley is a very book smart girl, she is very immature and lacks common sense. My advice to anyone that chooses to hang out with Ashley one on one is- DON'T. Always bring a friend with you because you will need backup to be your witness with this one. What do you think about Andy saying that you should just open up more about everything and it would help you? 
KH: In a kinder world, Andy's suggestion would have made perfect sense. However, during that time in our friend circle very few of these ladies were displaying any genuine concern for support towards me or my family. Many of these ladies were literally in attack mode. The fact of the matter is I did tell all the girls that my parents were very ill. ALL OF THE GIRLS KNEW MY PARENTS WERE ILL! They didn't care. Instead, they continued with relentless attacks and LIES. Constantly calling me a liar when in fact they were the ones who were lying. When I say these ladies lied, they lied about the dumbest crap; from my family and I not living in the home where I CURRENTLY LIVE, to saying I was lying about visiting my Mom when I was, in fact, visiting my Mom. Instead, they gathered and plotted a "FAILED COUP" attack. I'm still standing stronger than ever and walking in MY truth. BELIEVE me when I say, it feels so GOOD! The world now sees who the true liars are. The ladies could learn a thing or two from my Mom's pearls of wisdom - "If you dig a hole for others, you're sure to fall in it yourself." Were you surprised to hear that it was Juan who first doubted you? 
KH: I continue to have mad respect for Juan Dixon. Juan is Robyn Dixon's partner, and as her partner he suggested that she verify before you testify. That's called common sense. Juan was looking out - R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Walk us through this confrontation with Gizelle Bryant at the reunion – why do you feel she wasn’t being a good friend?
KH: I have known Gizelle for 12 years. As past president of J&J Potomac Valley Chapter, I have hosted events with both she and her girls. When I say we were good friends, that's putting it lightly, I truly enjoyed her company. Back in the day she was fun, happy and a joy to be around. However, Gizelle's recent comments, interviews, and blogs pertaining to me have proven to me she is not a very good friend, quite possibly not a friend at all. Gizelle has shown me that she is a person who delights in kicking others when she thinks they are down. Her actions/comments scream that of a very insecure hurt individual who will strike out at her friends to deflect from the pain of her reality. What do you think about Gizelle saying that you don’t allow her to be?  
KH: Gizelle claims I don't allow her to be a friend.  My question is, who would?  Based on her very own cruel and unwarranted comments and actions towards me and mine, I'm justified in looking at her sideways for a very long time. Gizelle showed me that she is not the friend I thought she was.   When you show me who you are, I believe you. Tell us about this moment you walked out. What was it like having Gizelle come to support you at this moment?  
KH:  I'd just buried my Dad on Thursday and I was there the following Tuesday. It was important not just for me, but for my family that I be there.  I was on a mission, I carried the responsibility of setting the record straight and revealing a few of the ladies for spreading lies.  My emotions were raw and I was grieving. When Andy mentioned my Dad a floodgate of emotion ran through me and I had to let it out. I was numb. No one could have told me that Gizelle would be the one to try and comfort me at that time. I was so overwhelmed at that moment that I honestly did not know it was Gizelle in my dressing room. Based on Gizelle's cruel treatment towards me and my family over the past year, I continue to question her sincerity.  Why was she there, was her concern genuine or did Gizelle have other motives? I like to believe that the Gizelle I once knew is back. For now that question mark remains. Only time will tell.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo