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Gizelle Bryant: “Monique Needs To Dig Deep And Find Some Humility And Sincerely Apologize To Me”

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant weighs in on the drama between the Hugers versus the Darbys and opens up about her ongoing feud with Monique Samuels. On your relationship - What do you think about Charrisse Jackson Jordan saying that you’re like Katie and Andrew? Where are you with Sherman now? 
Gizelle Bryant: Charrisse comparing anything I do or say to Katie and Andrew is weird. I don't ever recall sitting around dreaming to be married. I am fully aware of how much work it takes to be in a happy marriage and I don't know if I'm ever going to sign up for that again. Sherman and I are one day at a time. Onto the Kyndall situation – what do you think about Monique Samuels’s response to accusations about bringing Kyndall around and her reaction to you asking for an apology? Do you believe her regret about park after dark?
GB: Monique only regretted talking about Sherman after social media (the only thing she cares about) let her HAVE IT. They trashed her for talking about an incident that happened 100 years ago. It had nothing to do with me or her. If she didn't get backlash from social media she would have never felt bad about it. It's difficult to be friends with someone like that. What do you hope from Monique or need to move on? (You two still seemed shady at that champagne toast).
GB:  Oh, I stay on ready when it comes to shade dealing with these group of ladies. Monique needs to dig deep and find some humility and sincerely apologize to me if she ever thinks that we will move forward in any direction. If she never feels the need to do that, then the shade will continue to be fast and furious. What did you think about this exchange between Ray, , and Michael?
GB: It is nice to see Ray and Michael defend their women, however, Karen took being nasty to 7th-grade level. I mean, she gave Michael the middle finger, who over the age of 16 does that? Or I should ask who over the age of 16 allows someone to get them angry enough that you want to use the middle finger. Actually, maybe that is how Karen and Ray communicate, when at a lost for words shoot that middle finger in the air and keep walking. HA! What are your final thoughts on the season?
GB: So much happened for me in season 3. EveryHue Beauty took off on a level that I was not expecting. Friendships changed and have grown for the good and for the bad. My love life is a moving target which I think I like, there is never a dull moment. Through it all, I am stronger than ever and excited about my future. I can't wait for what tomorrow brings. Once again, I want to thank ALL the fans for stepping into this journey with us, the best is yet to come.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo