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Gamble Breaux Releases Music Video For New Single ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ — Watch It Here!

A few days ago, Gamble Breaux that she's releasing her second single, which is a cover of the rock band The Eagles called "I Can't Tell You Why" and will be available for stream and purchase on Friday, August 24. However, The Real Housewives of Melbourne star released the music video for the new single. Check it out below!

Breaux is stripped naked wearing nothing but cowboy boots for the cover of her new single. The cover was shot by photographer Peter Coulson.

“We have started collecting Peter Coulson’s photography, it wasn’t an easy decision to strip off for the front cover. I wanted to put those stripper rumors to rest once and for all! The music industry has changed, Viva la revolución! As independent artists we can take our careers into our own hands and self publish,” Gamble told OUTinPerth of the cover.

Coulson also produced the video clip for I Can’t Tell You Why, which was shot in one raw take at Sandy Point Beach, two hours out of Melbourne and features Gamble’s beloved Pomeranian, Cash.

“I wanted the film clip to be raw and stripped back to the essence of the song itself. Coulson achieved a pastel effect in soft tones, using light and the natural colours of the beach,” Gamble said.

Breaux took to Instagram to share the exiting news. "The official video for “I Can't Tell You Why” (cover) revealed, link in bio. “I Can’t Tell You Why”. Produced in Perth by Troy Nababan at Hammerspace. The single features the cream of Australia’s rock musicians, Cameron Barrett, Ryan Rafferty, Leon Todorovic, Troy Nababan. The music video for “I Can’t Tell You Why” was
directed by photographer Peter Coulson, who also directed the music video for “This Time” #Rhomelbourne #air #Australianindependentartists #rock #music #australia @leon_ragdoll @troynababan @petercoulson," she shared.

The track first appeared on The Eagles 1979 album The Long Run, which was the band’s sixth album and their final studio album until Hell Freezes Over in 2007. It was the first time The Eagles original version featured band member Timothy B Schmitt on vocals rather than regular singer Glenn Frey and Don Henley.

As you may recall, Gamble released her first single last year called "This Time" which she teamed up with Jason Singh. The track was decided to her husband, Dr. Rick Wolfe as an anniversary gift, which was part of Breaux's storyline last season of the Foxtel hit reality series. Gamble sang the track to her husband on the finale episode.

Gamble previously revealed on RHOMelbourne that she was about to begin a music career in her twenties when illness and hearing loss brought a sudden end to her dreams.

‘I Can't Tell You Why’ is now available for pre-order on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play and Spotify

What do you think of Gamble's new track? Do you love it or hate it? Tell us!

Photo Credit: Gamble Breaux's Instagram page